Ron Fricke's "Samsara", 2011 | Trailer

"Ron Fricke's "Samsara", 2011 | Trailer" The Blu-ray for "Samsara" is stand out...reference quality...a Blu-ray unlike any I have ever seen. I watched 3/4 of this with my mouth open in awe. Filmed in 65MM, mastered in 8K video & DTS-MA 96kHz 24bit 7.1 sound. Its a god damn thing of beauty.    

Spike Jonze "Her", 2013 | Trailer

Spike Jonze "Her", 2013 | Trailer I get a smile on my face and in my soul whenever I watch something by Spike Jonze. Be it a video like Beastie Boys "Sabotage"or a film like "Where The Wild Things Are"or this 2 minute trailer for his new film "Her" starring (thank god he's back and ok...I knew it was an act) Joaquin Phoenix , Scarlett Johannson & the wonderful Amy Adams. A brilliant visual storyteller...

Happy Birthday John Lennon
October 9th, 1940

On The Ninth Day Of October In The Year 1940., John Winston Lennon, John Lennon, Was Born In Liverpool, England.
He Would Go On To Be One Of The Strongest And Most Influential Fighters For Love And Peace In History.

The Coffee Shop Prank

Carrie, 2013!• The Coffee Shop Prank
Candid Camera style, the advertising company behind Kimberly Pierces Carrie rig a girl in a coffee shop and stage it with actors.
Customers enter, and when a man spills his coffee on a female customers laptop...she telekenetically throws him against a wall...and the shock sets in.