Orphan Black Season 2

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Orphan Black Is Coming Back.

The interesting thing about this series, is how so much of the gasoline drenched excellence lays directly in the talent of its star Tatiana Maslany,
and her ability to do what most $20 million dollar a film actresses (Or Actors for that matter...Sans Leo of course) couldn't do to save their lives...take on the personality of multiple diverse characters.

The difference here is that Tatiana is doing them all in this one series, and the characters she creates must interact with each other. You're spellbound watching her work so convincingly here. The show is a 9 out of 10, a solid home run, one of a kind sic-fi thriller about Sarah. She steals a bag, then the identity of a woman she sees one night at a train station...who looks exactly like her. Before sarah knows it, this woman throws herself infrint of a train and commits suicide...leaving behind her bags and ID.

Sarah becomes her, thinking the similarity will work in her favor, until she realizes the woman was a police officer.

The she meets another woman who looks just like her.

Then another.

And another...

And another...

She is told, they are clones, herself included.

Along with great, deeply interwoven storytelling, this series...like many of the series I implore my VoicesFILM Army to watch...is high octane gasoline people.

Get some.
Here's a recap of season 1:


Orphan Black Season 2




Orphan Black Season 2


Here's some FanArt:

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