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What Up Yo.

I've been busy, but now I'm back with fuel pump in hand ready to douse this site and set it ablaze.

Steven Soderberg's announced he was going on sabbatical from film due to, amongst other factors, being sick of dealing with Hollywood politics getting in the way of crafting his visual storytelling.

Well...he is back. But he did wha what many others have;
He came to the world of long-format storytelling.

He has joined the Golden Age Of Television.

The new series is called The Knick Clive Owen,  and wouldn't you know it, he came to television.

It’s called The Knick & it’s coming to Cinemax on August 8th.

The golden age of television people.


It stars one of the best actors of this generation, Mr. Clive Owen. It looks intense, atmospheric and original.

Long live the television revolution.









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