Harold Ramis 1944-2014 In Memoriam

I want to send out love to the Ramis family, we all lost an immense talent today.

He wasn't just funny, he was hard working and brilliant. Ramis wrote and directed many of the quintessential comedy films that would go on to influence and change Hollywood's understanding of the entire comedy movie genre and what potential it could have.

The films he made would launch many careers and would inspire the next few generations of Hollywood's a-listers. The news of his passing is sure to devastate many in the film community.

Take a look at a few of the films Ramis either wrote, directed, produced...or all three.
And that's not talking about his acting.



"National Lampoons Vacation"


"Groundhogs Day"




"Back To School"


"Analyze This "




"National Lampoons Animal House"


Harold Ramis man...
You can't dream up a career with that many milestones.
He gave a lot of laughter to the world, which in my book, is priceless.

Again, sending love out to his family and loved ones...Harold Ramis was one of Hollywood's greatest figures.

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