Joaquin Phoenix
Paul Thomas Anderson’s
Inherent Vice

What up yo.

"Inherent Vice"
There's only a handful of masters left on the burning soundstage of Hollywood...
And one of them is this man, Paul Thomas Anderson.

The talent this guy can summon for his films simply by announcing he is ready to work on a new project is a testament to that.

It's the kind of power only the greats have.


I have never seen one frame in one of his films that didn't oooz "genius visionary".

He and Joaquin seem to have a DeNiro/DeCaprio/Scorsese shorthand which is obvious after first watching their work in PTA's "The Master"


Rest In Peace Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Then watching this 2 minute trailer.

Watch Joaquin get knocked over by the police officers.

He can even bring Benicio out of sabbatical.

Thank you for that Mr. Anderson.


There is a Kubrick-Esque vibe to each scene PTA crafts.

It's obvious that he takes great care in what ends up on the what the final product will look like.

And he has an extraordinary gift working with actors. What he can pull from them, how comfortable they are working with why his films are a treasure to watch and watch again.

I've read often how upset Leo (do I need to write the last name?) was that he took "Titanic" over "Boogie Nights"

That comment seems completely foolish and shortsighted to me....until I really stop and think about it.

Leo recognized his genius and the opportunity a film like Nights would garner him, and this was before PTA had done "Magnolia", "Punch Drunk Love", "The Master" or my favorite "There Will Be Blood".

Leo saw it as a crossroads, one film would bring Hollywood stardom he would have a real problem shaking down the road, one would bring respect.

He went with the stardom film.

He gets nominated for the Academy Award almost every year, but they won't give him the fucking statue.

PTA is the real deal, looks like we're getting something funny from him this time.

Something very very funny.

Joaquin looks fantastic, maybe better than I've ever seen him.

And after "Walk The Line"...that's saying a lot.

Trailer below and comment if you dare.

Inherent Vice Trailers:


Inherent Vice Artwork:


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