Nicolas Cage
Vampire’s Kiss
“Alva. Alva. Alva…”

Yo what up.

What up yo.


Nicolas Cage can be an amazing actor. Taking chances on camera that remind us of the genius in his bloodline as he is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola.

He speands the 1980's building a body of a work that demonstrates his love for method acting and improvisation.

The Academy would give Cage the statue in recognizing of his undeniable talent 7 years later for his gut wrenching performance in the film, Leaving Las Vegas.

7 years prior, coming off of the global success of Moonstruck, Nicolas Cage marched directly onto the set of Vampire's Kiss and let loose completely.

After the statue, he seemed to turn off the method acting switch and turn on the actor-for-hire switch in my opinion...but hey...he did buy an island and name his son Kal-El.

I made this video seven years ago (there it is again? 7...hmmm) and I found it buried in the basement of the first incarnation of Voices Film on Facebook.

I pulled it out, watched it...within 20 seconds I remembered the video, as did my wife...and we sat back hysterically laughing.




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