The Podcast • Chapter 12:
The Dark Knight
With Matt Candela

What Up Yo. First off , read the article here: Second: Put those headphones in now... Christopher Nolan's 2nd entry in "The Dark Knight Trilogy" 2008's The Dark Knight. We went deep, 2 hours deep. I've delved into the Dark before on this site in article form here: The Dark Knight How Christopher Nolan’s Film Nearly Achieved Masterpiece Status   I went to trim where I could, but couldn't find a thing to take out. I am joined this week by my cousin Matt Candela, of "That'll Play" podcast. 2 years ago this month Matt and Johnny Nuzzi had […]

The Podcast • Chapter 7:
Tony Scott’s
True Romance
Wes Asks The Question:
Is Quentin Tarantino Racist?

PUT THOSE HEADPHONES IN NOW!   Chapter 7 | True Romance & Is Quentin Tarantino A Racist? Read here:  The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles Podcast is back We return for a heated and passionate discussion about racism in the works of Quintin Tarantino, the different portrayals of the Joker from Nicholson to Ledger and our undying love for film and TV. Our passion has never been stronger. We’re back. Episode 7 American Psycho Christian Bale and his on set rant The Dark Knight Batman 1989 Nicholson vs. Ledger….don’t be an idiot. We discuss the 2 visions Dark City Kiefer Sutherland Alex […]

Movie Theaters Will Survive

By Christopher Nolan

Submitted for your approval, each character lifted directly from the digital pages of "The Wall Street Journal" where they want you to pay a premium price to read Mr. Nolans words...
I stole this for you, I urge you to digest it.