Blade Runner 2049
The Teaser,

30 years after the original story, Dekkard (Harrison Ford) has been missing, and a new Blade Runner, K (Ryan Gosling) is searching for him....
Looks like he finds him.

They better not screw this up.

The Podcast • Chapter 1:
David Fincher’s Cinematic Revelation
Fight Club

What Up Yo. And so it begins. Stage II: Voices Film & TV : The Podcast Chapter 1 • Fight Club Read the article here: Wikipedia:    There was me… That is Alex… And my three droogs, That is Pete… “CUT!!!” Sorry. Welcome. This… Is the first podcast, The first Voices: FILM podcast. I have waited so fucking long to write this post. It’s a show. It’s rough. Dirt under the fingernails rough. And I thank you for joining me, that is Wes, and Oldboy, for: The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles Celebrating all things film, television…visual storytelling. The Wes […]