100+ Television Series Title Sequences

What up yo.
I'm a bit of a fucking lunatic when it comes to Film...
Visual storytelling...

Let's get that out of the way.

I sat down, made a list, and then embedded 100+ TV Show Title Sequences for this post.
You’d be surprised, this wasn’t easy.

Many openings were hard or impossible to locate, some would be pulled offline by YouTube or wherever either during the composing of the article or after I posted it…

The internet isn’t the wild west anymore…shit is getting nailed down.

Now if you’re like me, if your friends are like mine…
Receiving the random text message or email from friends and only seeing a line of dialogue from a film is not unusual.

For example, a like minded friend may ask you a question.

The question is a line of dialogue from a film you both admire.

You answer the question with the following line of dialogue from that film... or new line of dialogue from a different film.

And this may go on...

On and off...

For the length of an entire dinner...

An afternoon...

A week long vacation...

A 20 year friendship.

I see it as one long continuous film celebration.

If there is someone present who is not a film or television fan...this dialogue will make zero sense.

The friend, the spouse, the parents or siblings...

Forced to sit through it...

Well...they often think we are talking complete gibberish,

Some kind of code perhaps...

May as well be a foreign language.

But to the fellow film & TV buff, this is not gibberish.

To us, this is called conversation.

Got it?

I wanted to make a site that catered to those people,

To us.

For the fanatics.

For the people who have photographic memory's when it comes to film and TV...visual storytelling.

Where the films and TV we love make us punch-drunk.

Where watching our favorite films feels like the first day of spring where you can finally where shorts.

It's a drug to us...

And we are addicts.

Now I've been toying around with this post for a few months.

There are a few shows out there that have these killer openings.

I've gone to YouTube specifically to watch a video that features the opening to a show I like...only to get stuck for an hour searching for others.

Inevitably I end up back in time, to the shows of my youth...or the shows that were on at 5pm weeknights ...Monday - Friday while I was growing up.

So I thought, why not make a post packed with them.

I'm sure this post will grow over time as more hit me, but here are a mess of them you may dig on.

  • UPDATEWhen I first drew up this post, I had 40 Television Title Sequences.Then that list grew to 78.Then 91.

Can't just leave it at 91 without attempting to get to 100...but my brain is fried.

So I had to call in The Wolf, otherwise known as my brother, Derek.

Between him and myself I knew we would dominate.

Sure enough, with his help, I've cracked 100.

Below you will find 100+ of VoicesFILM's favorite title sequences from the world of television.

Thanks Derek.

I love you. (He hates that)

Television Title Sequences


The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst


Black Sails

Mad Men



The Wire


The Sopranos


American Horror Story: Season One

Orphan Black

Bates Motel

Game Of Thrones

Breaking Bad


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