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What is it?
Voices is, at its core, a blog and podcast devoted to celebrating the art of visual storytelling and expression in film, television and music.

We celebrate pop culture, news, people that live with passion and realize their dreams, cultural icons…

Inspirational people who live hard, and their wonderful achievements.

We have a solid team here, each filled with a passion to express their love of the arts and to celebrate those who move us.

Voices is the mountain top we climb to voice our opinions and praise from.

Voices started 4 years ago.
To “Voice” or state an opinion, to express a point of view…
My love for visual storytelling and artistic expression.

Articles have become podcasts.

I’m Wes Candela, and along with Brother Oldboy, we started this thing of ours.

“Speaking as a child of the eighties…”

The articles:
You will always read & hear passionate commentary, find film and television trailers and video clips, along with hi-resolutio! key-art and images.

The podcasts:
With podcasts, I mix the dialogue with audio clips from the topic at hand to bring the listener sonically into the conversation.

*Audiophile note:
* Each podcast episode or “Chapter” is recorded at 48 KHz 33 bit-float
* I record using a muti-track audio sessiin, then mix and master the independent tracks, creating a stereo master…all at 48 KHz 32 bit-float
* This is to preserve the vocal acoustics and dynamics.
* The final, published audio file is a lossy 48 KHz 320 kbps .MP3 file made from the stereo master
* The lossless master files are preserved and will be available for tdownload at http://voicesfilm.com in the future. (The site server space costs a bit, will make available as soon as possible)
* Please listen with headphones, earbuds or through good speakers if possible.

We don’t take the sound quality lightly.

We don’t take Voices Film & TV lightly.

If you like we do and you want to support the podcast, help us to put out episodes on a bi-weekly basis, we ask if you would please rate, review & subscribe to the Voices Film & TV podcast on iTunes


It would be a massive help to us as we do this on our own dime and it helps people discover the show…and helps us more than you know.

And to the Voices Film troops who support us hear at Voices…
We know who some of you are, we want to know all of you…
and we love you to bits.

Thank you for your dedication, feedback and constant love and support.

Every word matters to us.


Talk Hard.
Leave Your Mark.


– Wes Candela, 2017

The Podcast • Chapter 2:
Robert Zemeckis’s
Back To The Future

Chapter 2:  Back To The Future   Read the article at: http://voicesfilm.com/chapter-2-back-to-the-future/     The magic and effect it had on our childhoods. Wes tells a story of stealing $60 from his brother in 1985 to buy the VHS tape of it upon its home video release. How Eric Stoltz was fired from film, and how “Family Ties” producers didn’t want to lose Michael J. Fox so they refused to show Fox the script until Spielberg persuaded them. They only allowed Fox to do film once he saw screenplay if he agreed it wouldn’t impede on his “Family Ties” shooting schedule, therefore be […]

The Podcast • Chapter 5:
Francis Ford Coppola’s
The Godfather
(For My Father)

Chapter 5 | The Godfather Read the article here: http://voicesfilm.com/chapter-5-the-godfather/ First off, this is for my Pop. Its been one fucked up month people. One fucked in the head month. My Pop passed away 2 weeks ago from cancer, on fathers day, which we knew he had and had been receiving treatment for, but after a bad fall he ended up in the hospital with a broken neck 2 weeks prior. MRI's were done, and thats when we saw the cancer. It was everywhere and he had been hiding the progression of it, for us, for himself, For hope. He fought, like […]

The Podcast • Chapter 13:
The Handmaiden
Halt And Catch Fire

What Up Yo. Read the article here: https://voicesfilm.com/podcast-•-chapter-13-chapter-4k-uhd-home-theater-review-park-chan-wooks-the-handmaiden-amcs-halt-and-catch-fire/ First off, and I should have been doing this since Chapter 1: LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES Chapter 13 • The Opening Credits: "Thirteen!" - Ray Stevenson "HBO ROME" (2003) "We're through the looking glass hear people..." - Kevin Costner "JFK" (1990) "Cry Little Sister - Theme From Lost Boys" - Gerard McMann " THE LOST BOYS (1987) "Lock N Load" - Tom Berenger "PLATOON" (1986) "What Is Fight Club?" - The Dust Brothers "FIGHT CLUB SOUNDTRACK" (1999) "Gentleman... welcome to Fight Club" - Brad Pitt "FIGHT CLUB" (1999) "That's how you get Capone" - […]