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What up yo.

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Voices Film & TV (voicesfilm.com) is a blog and podcast which celebrates the art of Film, Television and Music.

You’ll find articles featuring commentary on film and TV, including trailers, high resolution images and  Movie and movies TV Series key art.

In addition, you’ll find the Voices Film & TV Podcast.

The podcast is an extension of the website, hosted by myself, Wes Candela, and my brother Oldboy.

“Speaking as a child off the eighties…”, A few things:


We both have ADD, you'll hear this within 10 minutes of any given episode. Also, I tend to talk over Oldboy a bit.

I’m working on it.


Each episode is another chapter in our ongoing discussions praising the art of visual storytelling (and slamming those who exploit the art form for mere financial gain.)

We launch from a starting point, but where we end u0p is your guess as good a ours, We, like any true  movie buff, explore one subject…which inevitably takes us to another, which segues to another, then another...

Until ultimately we are playing seven thousand degrees of separation from our launch topic.

This is what you can expect. Every time.

Disorder is our form of order.

That being said, be it cinema, long-format TV series, actresses, directors, cinematography storylines, plot points, storytelling structure…you will always hear passionate film and television commentary , debates and feuds…as we don’t always see eye to eye.

We enhance each chapter with audio clips from the to sonically bring you, the listener, into the chaos of our cinephile minds.

Not every episode is a love-fest, but each is an honest, raw and passionate discussion between two cinephiles.

We truly hope you enjoy.

For the audiophiles out there, we record each chapter (or episode) in stereo at 24 bit/96 Hz.

I then mix & master in stereo at 32 bit/96 Hz to preserve the highest possible sound clarity and dynamic range for the final .MP3 mix, which I’ll delivered anywhere from 224 kbps to 320 kbps (depending on where the length of the journey we’ve taken) to give you the high quality listening experience.

We don’t take this lightly.

We ask that you please listen with headphones, earbuds or through good speakers whenever possible.

Also, if you enjoy the trips, please rate & review us on iTunes if you would be so kind. It would be immensely helpful to us, we would truly appreciate it.


Finally, to the Voices Film troops:
We know who you are, and we love you all.

Thank you for your dedication, feedback and constant support.

Thanks for listening all.

Talk Hard.

Leave Your Mark.

- Wes & Oldboy, 2017


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