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"The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles"

Voices: FILM | The Podcast • The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles:
Celebrating Television, Movies...Visual Storytelling...
With a vengeance.

What Up Yo.
We are two men, bonded by blood & born in the 1970's.

We waited for a way to share our enthusiasm for decades...

and then the digital revolution arrived, and podcasts became a reality.

We are fanatic Cinephiles.

Movie fanatics.
TV fanatics ...
Visual storytelling fanatics.

We talk like machine guns, we're as close as brothers and we delve deep into the projects we discuss.

We celebrate them, the artists who created & performed in them.

We discuss, examine and dissect the visions, give you the lowdown on the people involved in creating the work and we share our passion for the art-form with you.

We record the show in .AIFF format, in Stereo at 32bit 96KHz, then we compress the audio file prior to posting (because we have to) into an MP3 container in Stereo, at 320kbps at 48KHz.

Quality is massive to us.
Content is massive to us.

Film, Television...Visual Storytelling...is massive to us.

But you, the listener, you are paramount to us.

So you know the drill people:
If you dig the show, if you love the high octane, gasoline-drenched, raw & passionate ramblings of two cinephiles, we would be honored if you would subscribe to our little show on iTunes and please give us a rating.

We love you guys & gals.

Thanks for listening.

Talk Hard.

  • Wes & Oldboy, 2015