It’s the small mountain I built with my bare hands, to climb atop and scream my praise from.

Started it up 4 years ago, took the name from its singular purpose;
To “Voice” or state an opinion, to express a point of view.

In this case to celebrate the art of Film, Television. . . Visual Storytelling . . . both long and short form, along with Music.

A love for artistic expression.
Articles became podcasts.
I’m Wes Candela, and myself my and brother Oldboy started this thing of ours.

“Speaking as a child of the eighties…”

You will always read & hear passionate commentary.

I always try to enhance every article with video clips and trailers, along with high resolution images and beautiful movie poster or key-art.

With podcasts, I’ll enhance the dialogue with audio clips from the topic at hand to sonically bring you, the listener, a clearer interpretation of what is being referenced.

*Audiophile note:

  • I record each chapter (episode) at 32 bit 96 KHz, for each track in a multi-track audio session.
  • I mix and master the independent tracks, creating a stereo master at 32 bit 96 KHz
    This is to preserve the vocal acoustics and dynamics.
  • The media tracks are pulled directly from the highest quality versions of the film or television series I own.
  • The final, published audio file is a lossy .MP3 file. This is a mixdown made from the master stereo file which I’ll encode anywhere from 224 kbps to 320 kbps constant bit rate.
  • The lossless master files are preserved and will be available for you to download at http://voicesfilm.com in the future.

I explain this to illustrate why the files are so large.
It’s all a bit expensive and we are doing it on our own dime, therefore it’s not possible…

I don’t take the sound quality lightly.

I don’t take Voices Film & TV lightly.

Please listen with headphones, earbuds or through good speakers if possible.

If you like we do and you want to support the podcast to keep it up and running, please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and if you could leave a rating and review…it would be a massive help to us.
Honestly, it helps people discover the show and helps us more than you know.

You can find the Voices Film & TV Podcast On iTunes here:

And to the Voices Film troops who support us hear at Voices…

We know who some of you are, we want to know all of you…and we love you to bits. Truly.

Thank you for your dedication, feedback and constant love and support. Every word matters to us.

Every word.

Leave Your Mark.

– Wes Candela, 2017

The Podcast • Chapter 1:
David Fincher’s Cinematic Revelation
Fight Club

What Up Yo. And so it begins. Stage II: Voices Film & TV : The Podcast Chapter 1 • Fight Club Read the article here: http://voicesfilm.com/chapter-1-fight-club/ Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fight_Club    There was me… That is Alex… And my three droogs, That is Pete… “CUT!!!” Sorry. Welcome. This… Is the first podcast, The first Voices: FILM podcast. I have waited so fucking long to write this post. It’s a show. It’s rough. Dirt under the fingernails rough. And I thank you for joining me, that is Wes, and Oldboy, for: The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles Celebrating all things film, television…visual storytelling. The Wes […]

The Podcast • Chapter 2:
Robert Zemeckis’s
Back To The Future

Chapter 2:  Back To The Future Read the article at: http://voicesfilm.com/chapter-2-back-to-the-future/ The magic and effect it had on our childhoods. Wes tells a story of stealing $60 from his brother in 1985 to buy the VHS tape of it upon its home video release. How Eric Stoltz was fired from film, and how “Family Ties” producers didn’t want to lose Michael J. Fox so they refused to show Fox the script until Spielberg persuaded them. They only allowed Fox to do film once he saw screenplay if he agreed it wouldn’t impede on his “Family Ties” shooting schedule, therefore be shot the film […]

The Podcast • Chapter 3:
The Watchowski’s 1999 Phenomenon
The Matrix

Chapter 3 | The Matrix Read the article here: http://voicesfilm.com/chapter-3-the-matrix/ The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles Podcast: Chapter 3 The Matrix Voices: FILM | Podcast The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles Episode 3 | The Matrix What Up Yo. Just saying, you know what I love? This punctuation mark ” | ” Love it. So nice and succinct. Ok. Moving on. Episode III baby… The Matrix. In this episode we discuss a variety of topics, Beginning with the Matrix, Oldboy and I ponder why the film worked as well as it does. My feeling, is that The Wachowskis put the viewer directly […]

The Podcast • Chapter 4:
Martin Scorsese’s Signature Crime Saga

Chapter 4 | Goodfellas Read the article here: http://voicesfilm.com/chapter-4-goodfellas/ What Up Yo. Another Voices FILM Podcast. Todays episode is brought to you by…us. Oldboy and I took a 2 week break, and returned with a vengeance to discuss the newly remastered “Goodfellas: 25th Anniversary” Blu-ray disc which has finally been remastered from the original 35mm negative and color corrected, all supervised by Martin Scorsese. It’s a 4 star (out of 5) job, and it looks better than it ever has. We break the film down to our favorite aspects, Thelma Schoonmaker‘s editing, Ray Liotta’s Narration, Robert DeNiro‘s performance and Lorraine Bracco in the film. Simply a perfect […]

The Podcast • Chapter 5:
Francis Ford Coppola’s
The Godfather
(For My Father)

Chapter 5 | The Godfather Read the article here: http://voicesfilm.com/chapter-5-the-godfather/ First off, this is for my Pop. Its been one fucked up month people. One fucked in the head month. My Pop passed away 2 weeks ago from cancer, on fathers day, which we knew he had and had been receiving treatment for, but after a bad fall he ended up in the hospital with a broken neck 2 weeks prior. MRI's were done, and thats when we saw the cancer. It was everywhere and he had been hiding the progression of it, for us, for himself, For hope. He fought, like […]

The Podcast • Chapter 6:
Francis Ford Coppola’s
The Godfather (Continued)

Read the article here: http://voicesfilm.com/chapter-6-the-godfather-continued/ For My Father, Albert Candela (1943-2015) Oldboy & Wes begin their journey… They take on the Francis Ford Coppola crime saga masterpiece: The Godfather And while our counterparts may do a review of part 1 or part 2… We take them all on. However, there is no way that we could have accomplished this feat in 1 episode So we have broken them down into 4 to 5 episodes per film. We start at the beginning and make our way though the films iconic scene by iconic scene. Prepare:  

The Podcast • Chapter 7:
Tony Scott’s
True Romance
Wes Asks The Question:
Is Quentin Tarantino Racist?

PUT THOSE HEADPHONES IN NOW!   Chapter 7 | True Romance & Is Quentin Tarantino A Racist? Read here: http://voicesfilm.com/chapter-7-true-romance/  The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles Podcast is back We return for a heated and passionate discussion about racism in the works of Quintin Tarantino, the different portrayals of the Joker from Nicholson to Ledger and our undying love for film and TV. Our passion has never been stronger. We’re back. Episode 7 American Psycho Christian Bale and his on set rant The Dark Knight Batman 1989 Nicholson vs. Ledger….don’t be an idiot. We discuss the 2 visions Dark City Kiefer Sutherland Alex […]

The Podcast • Chapter 8:
Joel Schumacher’s
St. Elmo’s Fire

What Up Yo. Read here: http://voicesfilm.com/chapter-8-st-elmos-fire/ PLEASE LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES Chapter 8 | St. Elmo's Fire The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles Podcast Chapter 8 | St. Elmo’s Fire (Authors note: This episode was the final 30 minutes of Chapter 7… This is clear when you listen as I, Wes, bring up wrapping the show up quite a bit.) St. Elmo’s Fire The Brat Pack The scene where Kirby (Emilio Estevez) tracks down the woman he is infatuated with Dale (Andie MacDowell) to the ski lodge her and her boyfriend are staying at. Defeated to realize that she already has a man in her […]

The Podcast • Chapter 9:
Watching The Final Trailer For JJ Abrams
Star Wars Episode 7:
The Force Awakens

What Up Yo. Watch Along: http://voicesfilm.com/chapter-9-the first-trailer-for-star-wars-episode-7/ Chapter 9 | Star Wars Episode 7: The Final Trailer Read the article here: http://voices.film Star Wars The Force Awakens Final Trailer I cheered out loud watching this. As my babyface said… ”I think it looks amazing, it looks just like the old ones.” I have to agree, this is fucking beautiful. December 18th, 2015 baby… This fucker is going to be next-level. I mean, seeing the Falcon again after 30 years… hearing the John Williams score… Then that Game Of Thrones looking winter shot with that dark sith dude and that awesome, bad […]

The Podcast • Chapter 10:
Our Top Ten Films & TV Series From 2015

Chapter 10 | Our top ten Film & TV Series from 2015 (10-8) PLEASE LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES Read the article here: http://voicesfilm.com/chapter-10-top-10-of-2015/ The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles Podcast: Chapter 10 Our Top Ten Films & TV Series From 2015 What Up Yo. We’ve been gone a long time, but now were back…with a vengeance. Join us as we discuss our top ten films (Oldboy) and Television Shows (Wes) from 2015. This week we give you 10, 9 & 8… Oldboy: 10: Irrational Man 9: Straight Outta Compton 8: Spotlight Wes: 10: House Of Cards : Season 3 9: Mad Men : The […]

The Podcast • Chapter 11:
Defending Zach Snyder’s
Batman V Superman

Chapter 11 | Defending Batman V Superman Read the article here: http://voicesfilm.com/chapter-11-defending-batman-v-superman/ What Up Yo. We are continuing our Top Ten Films & TV Series of 2015 shortly, but because of the horrid reviews Batman V Superman received...Oldboy was determined to stick up for the film, because he found it to be wonderful. Being that this is a creation of Zach Snyder's, we celebrate the artist, and have two special guests on the show: My wife, Karen Candela and my ever hard to find sister, Fawn Candela. Fawn doesn't dig the idea and compares it to Freddy vs. Jason That's […]

The Podcast • Chapter 12:
The Dark Knight
With Matt Candela

What Up Yo. First off , read the article here: http://voicesfilm.com/voices-podcast-the-dark-knight-with-matt-candela/ Second: Put those headphones in now... Christopher Nolan's 2nd entry in "The Dark Knight Trilogy" 2008's The Dark Knight. We went deep, 2 hours deep. I've delved into the Dark before on this site in article form here: The Dark Knight How Christopher Nolan’s Film Nearly Achieved Masterpiece Status   I went to trim where I could, but couldn't find a thing to take out. I am joined this week by my cousin Matt Candela, of "That'll Play" podcast. 2 years ago this month Matt and Johnny Nuzzi had […]

The Podcast • Chapter 13:
The Handmaiden
Halt And Catch Fire

What Up Yo. Read the article here: https://voicesfilm.com/podcast-•-chapter-13-chapter-4k-uhd-home-theater-review-park-chan-wooks-the-handmaiden-amcs-halt-and-catch-fire/ First off, and I should have been doing this since Chapter 1: LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES Chapter 13 • The Opening Credits: "Thirteen!" - Ray Stevenson "HBO ROME" (2003) "We're through the looking glass hear people..." - Kevin Costner "JFK" (1990) "Cry Little Sister - Theme From Lost Boys" - Gerard McMann " THE LOST BOYS (1987) "Lock N Load" - Tom Berenger "PLATOON" (1986) "What Is Fight Club?" - The Dust Brothers "FIGHT CLUB SOUNDTRACK" (1999) "Gentleman... welcome to Fight Club" - Brad Pitt "FIGHT CLUB" (1999) "That's how you get Capone" - […]

The Podcast • Chapter 14:
TV V Film
Where Were You When The Game Of Thrones Red Wedding Episode Aired?

The Podcast • Chapter 14 | War: TV V Film, The Great Films Of The 1980’s And Where Were You When Game Of Thrones “The Red Wedding” Aired?

The Podcast • Chapter 15:
Bates Motel
Final Season Review
You’ve Been Warned

Voices Film Podcast Chapter 15. I Fly Solo Here And Review The Final Season Of A&E’s Brilliant Series, Bates Motel Infused With Spoilers.

The Podcast • Chapter 16:
Robert Redford In Barry Levinson’s 1984 Baseball Masterpiece
The Natural

The Podcast • Chapter 16:

Myself, Wes Candela and my brother Derek Candela tackle the 1984 Robert Redford baseball classic…Barry Levinson’s, The Natural.

The Podcast • Chapter 17:
The Empire Strikes Back
Return Of The Jedi
With Brother Chris

Joined by Brother Chris, Podcast Chapter 17 is a discussion on The Empire Strikes Back Vs. Return Of The Jedi.