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Bree Donovan

Interview With Actor
Laurent C. Lucas
By Bree Donovan

Another wonderful interview from our very own Bree Donavan, our touchstone here at Voices.

Here Bree interviews UK based actor Laurent C. Lucas (Poldark, The Time of Their Lives), an intense actor with a passion for the art form.

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“The Rest Is Silence” How Tom Hiddleston Teaches Us All To Have A Voice By Bree Donovan

Bree Donovan brings us an interview with Marlena from Maryland who has taken up Tom Hiddleston’s cause to help provide relief and raise money for UNICEF. An exceptional woman, an incredibly worthy cause.

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The Matthew Rauch Interview
By Dan Buffa

The Matthew Rauch interview by Dan Buffa.

The Banshee star opens up about life in New York, being a stage actor, how much he loves the show and it’s fans and how he can’t wait to beat the shit out of Hood.

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The Wolf of Wall Street
Scorsese At His Best
By Dan Buffa

Another Article Submitted To Us By Dan Buffa…This One Celebrates The Martin Scorsese Film The Wolf Of Wall Street…

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Lone Survivor Review
By Dan Buffa

Lone Survivor Review
By Dan Buffa
“The cast is perfectly assembled. Wahlberg got to know Luttrell and the actor brings the dramatic chops and professionalism to a bittersweet role. His outburst at a recent awards show came straight from the heart and the fact that he is playing a man who literally walked through hell on earth. “

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Derek Candela

Derek Begins…#3
Barry Levinson’s Masterpiece
The Natural

Derek Begins…
Number 3 Of His Top Ten Baseball Films Of All Time…

Barry Levinson’s “The Natural”

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Derek Begins…#4
Fred Schepisi’s
Mr. Baseball

“An arrogant aging ballplayer is traded to a Japanese team and has difficulties adjusting to their cultures and customs.
This movie by far has to be the most underrated on my list. Made in 1992, it featured baseball from a Japanese standpoint…”

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Derek Begins…#5
David S. Ward’s
Major League

Derek Begins…#8 In His Top Ten Baseball Films Series Is 1989’s Major League

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Derek Begins… 7
Michael Ritchie’s
The Bad News Bears

Derek Begins…#7 in his top ten baseball films list, the 1976 classic “Bad News Bears”
Trailer, Clips & Images.

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Derek Begins…#6
Kevin Costner In Phil Alden Robinson’s
Field Of Dreams

Derek Begins…The 6th Baseball Film In Derek’s” Top Ten Baseball Films” Is The Masterwork That is
Field Of Dreams
“A perfect cast that exceeded expectations. It might not be a live action baseball film, It definitely hits home with the die hard baseball fan as all the events that take place in the movie are linked to the game’s past, present and what it will do for the future.”

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Derek Begins…#8
Tom Hanks Stars In Penny Marshall’s
A League Of Their Own

Derek Begins…
Number 8 On His Top Ten Baseball Films Of All Time, Penny Marshall’s A League Of Their Own (1992)
Review, Trailer, Images & Clips.

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Derek Begins…#9
Kevin Costner in Sam Raimi’s
For Love Of The Game

Derek’s Top Ten Baseball Films Review Series Continues With Number 9…

Sam Raimi’s For Love Of The Game

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Derek Begins…
# 1
Billy Crystal’s Love Letter To The New York Yankees

His final entry in. his list of his top 10 favorite baseball movies of all time, Derek gives number 1 award to Billy Crystal’s 61 *

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Derek Begins…#2
Ron Sheltons
Bull Durham

An experienced catcher and a sexy spiritual self healing baseball fan work together to help develop a young but wild up and coming pitcher on and off the field.

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Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

2 emails came rushing in to two different email addresses.
Then my phone rang.
All within 20 seconds.
He had just seen the new trailer for “Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes”

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Jack Nicholson

By Herb Ritts, 1989

Randomness. From my brain to your face.
Jack Nicholson in character as Joker from Tim Burtons Batman.
Photographs by the late Herb Ritts.

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Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes
Teaser & Artwork

Matt Reeves Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes 2014
Teaser & Artwork | Video
This is how you do a franchise relaunch correctly.

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14 Episodes In 48 Hours
Duke Goes To Banshee

April 28, 2014.
Phone Call Between Duke & Wes:
Duke: “I Started “Banshee”Saturday, I’m Up To Season 2, Episode 4″
Wes:”Dude…You Watched 14 Episodes In 48 Hours…How?”
Duke:”I Can’t Stop, It’s Too Fucking Good!!”

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Robin Williams
In Memoriam
7/21/51 – 8/11/14

Robin Williams…1951-2014
Not an article I would have ever predicted writing.
Duke and I offer our thoughts within moments of learning iof his passing. I added 10 trailers and scenes of his work, and then I realized how much he had accomplished.
God have mercy on his soul.
Robin, find the light. Don’t get stuck here.

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Walter Hill’s The Warriors

“The movie is an adaption of a book of the same name, by Sol Yurick, The book, is actually based on a 4th Century B.C. story about a bunch of Greek mercenaries during the Persian War trying to get home after their leader Cyrus is killed. Updated and molded to modern day the final product shines. The mercenaries are now a gang from Coney Island NY.”

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Duke Says: Watch Sydney Pollack’s
3 Days Of The Condor

“If you’ve seen this movie, watch it again, if you haven’t seen this movie …. find it! 

If you know where it is and don’t have it…then steal it! “

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Duke Reviews
Douglas Trumbull’s Brainstorm

Duke presents us with his very first film review, the film he has chosen for this momentous occasion is 1983’s “Brainstorm”.

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Duke Says “Watch This!!!”

What up yo. I’ve been waiting for Duke to finish his first VoicesFILM article… In the meantime he continues to demonstrate his never-wavering commitment to the VoicesFILM Soldiers by sending us over flasks filled with his select blend of High Octane Gasoline This ones called “Borgmen” From the Wikipedia article: Borgman is a 2013 Dutch thriller film directed by Alex van Warmerdam. It was nominated for the Palme d’Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. […]

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Duke Says
Afflicted 2014

Afflicted Don’t miss this. This is what independent cinema see stands for.A fantastic vision, realized perfectly.

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Sean Kennedy

Luc Besson’s
(La Femme Nikita)
“Nikita Rising”
A Video Mashup Of The First Act

A scene/mashup from Luc Besson’s 1990 international hit…

Nikita (La Femme Nikita)

A summery of the what leads Nikita to the restaurant. If you have seen the film, you don’t need me to say anymore.

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David Fincher
The Music Videos

David Fincher made many over 50 music videos. Included are 17 I selected that I feel serve as visual proof of his innate genius.

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Movie Theaters Will Survive

By Christopher Nolan

Submitted for your approval, each character lifted directly from the digital pages of “The Wall Street Journal” where they want you to pay a premium price to read Mr. Nolans words…
I stole this for you, I urge you to digest it.

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Pollock, 2000
Ed Harris Directs And Stars As American Painter
Jackson Pollock

Ed Harris stars and directs himself and a phenomenal Marcia Gay Harden in his passion project about the life of American Painter Jackson Pollock

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The Podcast • Chapter 24:
“And The Winner Is…
Gary Oldman”

Recorded on the night of the oscars in 2018, my friend Brother Sean and I celebrate Gary Oldman’s Oscar Win for his performance playing Sir Winston Churchill in “Darkest Hour (2017)”…
And gush over his career.
Simply one of the finest actors to ever grace the silver screen.

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