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Last year I had the great pleasure to interview Marlena Wiley, a Tom Hiddleston blogger and avid fundraiser. She generously agreed to once again share with us her Hiddleston experiences of 2018-19, and her plans for her Unicef fundraiser which is done in honor of Tom Hiddleston’s birthday. The fundraiser kicked off on November 20, 2019 and will run until February 10, 2020. In my recent interview with Wiley we rap about: Hiddleston, Broadway, fashion, fundraising, Marvel and other real life heroes.  Links to websites will be found at the end of the article. Have a wonderful and peaceful holiday […]

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Claudio Von Planta
By Bree Donavan

“If you want to get rich, don’t go into this line of work. Practice every day, like an instrument. Choose topics that will interest others. Gain experience working for charities. You’ll build your name and reputation.”

– Claudio Von Planta

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The Kate Tojeiro Interview
By Bree Donovan

Kate Tojeiro is a highly respected executive life coach, and she rides…

Instructed by our friend Billy “BikeTruck” Ward, she has met with and learned from some real movers and shakers. Kate Tojeiro acquired the alchemy of turning adversity into Art and graciously shares it with all in her current book: The Art of Possible

Interviewed by Bree Donavan, this was the right article at the exact right time for me personally, Kate is truly an inspiration.

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​Billy (BikeTruck) Ward Interview
By Bree Donovan

Bree Donavan (she’s a machine people) generously presents us with another grand-slam interview…this time with motorcycle enthusiast…
High octane adventure junkie…
And producer & presenter for “Charley Boorman Live”…
This Is Billy “BikeTruck” Ward.

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The Zachary Fall Interview
By Bree Donovan

Voices welcome writer Bree T Donovan to the asylum…something tells me she high-octane, gasoline drenched visual storytelling.

Bree brings us a one-on-one interview with actor Zachary Fall, of the television show Guilt

Get em Bree….and welcome aboard!

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