The Albino Vs. Hood
With Actors Joseph Gatt & Antony Starr

What up yo.
Here is a minor update before I begin:

This is from Brother Joe (Bad-Ass Actor Joseph Gatt), who plays The Albino on Banshee:

How fucking awesome is that!


So he saw, he read, and he dug.

Brother Joe!!!

Ok, so listen…any Fanshee knows this scene.

At this point in In this groundbreaking series, we had seen quite a few things transpire already. But once we saw this scene, we knew that not only did this show mean business…
This show would douse every other series it competed with in high-octane gasoline and burn them all to the fucking ground.

Quickly, let me give you a little background first, and I only do this because of the following:

I sent the link to this scene to 2 friends I work with the other day.


Shawny put his earbuds in and watched while I sat next to him. And man…
He squirmed, covered his eyes, and murmured things like

“oh my god…”

“this is horrible”

“oh my god…”

By the time the scene ended, he had his hand over the laptop screen, his eyes were half shut, and he looked awful. Pale.

I had wounded him. And this is a nice guy.

The clip ended he sat staring at his MacBook keyboard in shock.

Rude shock.

That’s when I started to apologize profusely to him.

“Oh my God Shawn, I’m so sorry man.”

Then Matty wrote me. He sent me the following text:

“Dude…That scene was fucked up. Hardcore. “

Incidentally, I also sent the scene to Duke. His response was this:

“Fucking Awesome!!!!”

The next day, I brought the setup to them both.

Shawny now had his color back, but they were looking at me strangely.

The looks were looks of concern…
and fear.

They thought I was fucked in the head.

I then began to explain to them the backstory of that scene and why the person with Albinoism needed to go down.

They listened to me intently as I explained what I was about to explain to you, my VoicesFILM soldiers, and when I was finished, Shawny said:

“I wish I had known this before I watched that scene, watching it disjointed without any reference or pretext as to why it is taking place…it’s just wicked and brutal and horrible.”

Here’s the backstory you need for this scene:


Antony Starr

Ivana Milicevic

Lucas Hood (Antony Starr…excellent, this actor can outperform most of the “Hollywood stars” working today)

He is a master world-class thief. He worked for Ukrainian crime lord “Rabbit” (A sinister and brilliant Ben Cross)

Hoods thief partner is Rabbit’s daughter, Anastasia (Played with a passionate conviction by the beautiful Ivana Milicevic)

Hood and Anastasia fall in love but hide this from Rabbit as he will not approve and consider this a betrayal.

Theirs is a tragic romance. Ever hopeful, they hatch a plan to run away with each other and start a life and family. To do this, they decide to keep the earnings from a $10 million diamond heist they are about to perform for Rabbit.

But Rabbit knows.

He sets them up, and while they leave the scene…police arrive and chase them.

To protect his love, Hood creates a diversion so she can get free with the diamonds and run while he gets caught. She resists, but he pleads and promises he will find her.

He is arrested and sent to prison. When he arrives, he is led into a room where Rabbit waits.
Rabbit confronts him.

The Hood is defiant.

Rabbit wants to know where his daughter is,

Hood doesn’t know where she is, that she has gotten away safely, and with the help of Hood’s “I Know A Guy” hacker mastermind partner, Job. (Played by a scene-stealing, hysterical & electric Hoon Lee)


Anastasia has gone into hiding, changed her name, and moved to a small town to start q new life.

A town called “Banshee.”

The rabbit then introduces Hood to “The Albino.”

(a perfectly cast Joseph Gatt in an unforgettable, scary, excellent performance that scored him a role in the upcoming season of “Game Of Thrones“) and explains that The Albino will brutally beat the ever-loving shit out of Hood for the next 15 years.

The Albino does just that while Hood is on the ground…beaten to a pulp…The Albino finishes him off by sticking a knife into his ribs, sending him to the infirmary for three months.

When Hood is released from the infirmary, he meets with The Albino again and asks for a truce.

The Albino refuses.

The Albino promises pain.

The Albino wants Hood to submit to him sexually (to be his bitch)

He tells Hood he could force him to…but he doesn’t want that.

He wants Hood to beg the Albino for sex & protection.


The Hood isn’t a violent man but a wicked intelligent man.

Out of nowhere, he violently attacks Albino’s current boyfriend with a shank…slashing his mouth open.

This violent act gets Hood thrown into the hole for 90 days. This buys him time.

He recoups, works out, and devises a plan. As the audience, we know that Hood was violent once he left prison.

He’s a unique and skilled fighter. Tactical. He fights dirty but powerfully, and he takes down everyone that he comes up against.

But the Hood we meet in prison is a softer,  innocent Hood. This is his training.

He had never taken a life.

Then we saw him get released from the hole.

We didn’t know how Hood became the man we knew until we saw this scene.

You’ve been prepped. You’ve been warned.
Prepare to guzzle gasoline.



Antony Starr &Joseph Gatt


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