The Bogmen

These dudes are from Huntington, my home town in Strong Island.

A few things…
First off, this song reminds me of the 90s which, as I get older and look back, were amazing. I had a complete ball.

The song is about a man calling his ex-girlfriend on the phone, a woman named Darlese, for the 100th time. Darlese has been avoiding him, not taking his calls since he has been out of work and every time the storyteller, Freddie, calls… Darlese’s roommate answers the phone saying she isn’t home and she will leave a message.

The story begins with another one of these phone calls. We hear the woman answer and take the message for him.

“Yea well that woman is never home. Can you tell her Freddie called…”
“Sure to…”
“yea and one more thing. If she doesn’t want to talk to me, why doesn’t he tell me herself? Why does she have to get her roommate to do it?”

It is at this point, the roommate on the other end of the phone relents.
SHE is NOT the roommate. She IS, in fact, Darlese.

The jig is up.

“Theres no other man Freddie…”

“”Yeah, just ’cause a man loses his job doesn’t mean you got to go dumping him on his ass!!”

You may lose a little something watching the video. For example, the voice of “Darlese” is a mans voice.
Now i’m not sure which of The Bogmen it is…
Billy Campion, Brothers Bill or Brendan Ryan, Mark Wike, P.J. O’Connor or Clive Tucker…
But it’s definitely not a “Darlese”…and it’s hysterical.
And it’s the sense of humor on these guys, in these lyrics and in the storytelling, the attitude and energy, that sells it for me.

As Freddie carries on, he describes how he first met her, she was wearing a fancy dress and smoking a Marlboro 100 with a long plastic filter on it.

“She had class. At least i thought so! But then, bitch left me. Suddenly”

He is upset, down in the dumps, drinking from the bottom shelf…and then, one day he looks up and see’s something…
He cannot believe his eyes…

“There goes a man, walking down the street…he’s wearing my tie…”

He’s not gonna let another man take his woman…
He’s going to rise up…
Get back on his feet…
And he’s going to buy her a nice big….



“In the 50s, it was pompadours…
And in the 60s, it was peace…
In the 70s it was bell-bottoms, I don’t know why but…
IN THE 80S!!

But in the 90s…
IT’s LOVE!!!

Man…I love this song. Love, Love, Love it. The more I listen, the more in love with it I fall.

I hope you do also.


The Bogmen Sudden Music Video

The Bogmen:

The Bogmen (VoicesFILM) [3888 x 2592] (1)

The Bogmen (VoicesFILM) [2592 x 3888] (3)

The Bogmen (VoicesFILM) [1456 x 2184] (1)

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