Two Documentary’s:
On The Road, 1989
LOUDquietLOUD, 2004

The Pixies

Many of my favorite bands wouldn’t have existed had it not been for Pixies. Period. So good, they couldn’t be mass consumed. Razor sharp song writing and sound, to have created this music without a blueprint as The Pixies did is almost impossible to imagine when they are as influential as they are. So influential,  you may not even realize…until you listen to them. They were out there on the front lines in the 1980’s, 10 years before their brand of rock would become the backbone for the alternative music scenes biggest players. Pioneers.

Here are 2 docs on the band and a video of them in 1991 playing the crazy awesome “Debaser” in London’s Brixton Academy. If you aren’t familiar with the original lineup of Black Francis, Joey Santiago, David Lovering & Kim Deal …take some time and watch below.

The first film is a document on the band from the perspective of famous musicians who adore them Bono , David Bowie , Thom Yorke from Radiohead and many others. It’s impressive how many were both influenced by them, and how many consider them not only excellent…but revolutionary.

“LoudQuietLoud” is a bit different. A document of the band reuniting after they had broken up in 1992. At the time, lead singer and founder of The Pixies Charles Thompson (Frank Black, Black Francis) announced during a radio interview plugging his new solo project that the Pixies were no more.  He hadn’t told the other members yet.

Left to Right: Joey Santiago (guitar); Frank Black (vocals, guitar); Kim Deal (bass); David Lovering (drums)

Tensions within the band had become testy at that point, and there were always rumors that Charles was a bit jealous of the success and attention Kim Deal received over him in the band during the years they played together.  This and that Kim, feeling the pressure, felt that he purposely tried to keep her down and out of the spotlight. Who knows the truth…not our business…until you watch this.

They reunite in 2004 for a reunion tour that, as the film candidly shows, most members are in dire need of due to money issues, depression and drug use.  This on top of the fact that the royalty checks have stopped being as fruitful due to MP3’s and digital media piracy.

It’s pretty brutally candid stuff here. these aren’t rock-stars, they are a couple of people that, when put together had created incredible and influential music, and when separated…some had a bit of success but most went back to living normal lives, and the chance of reuniting was a welcomed one for them.

Kim is fresh out of rehab, she asks for her twin sister Kelley to come along on the tour with her for support and asks that the band does not have alcohol back stage in the dressing room to keep her head on straight.

Just as raw as their music, its a very telling and candid look into their lives and i highly recommend it.

Pixies – On  The Road (parts 1 & 2) | Documentary 1989:

LOUDQuietLOUD | A Film About The Pixies 2004:

The Pixies Debaser Live from Brixton Academy, London | June 26 1991:

The Pixies Images:

The Pixies

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