El Camino
A Breaking Bad Movie
Posters And Trailers

Everything out for the Breaking Bad Movie…
El Camino

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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
New Trailer
#elcamino #breakingbad

A new trailer for the upcoming Netflix El Camino Breaking Bad Movie

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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

#ElCamino #BreakingBad

What Up Bitch.

Did you know there was a new Breaking Bad movie coming out?

I didn’t.

But there is and it’s coming out in less than two months on Netflix.
It’s called:
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

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The Podcast • Chapter 10:
Our Top Ten Films & TV Series From 2015: Part 1

Voices FILM Podcast • Our Top Ten Films & TV Shows From 2015 Chapter 10 | We only get to 8. That’s just how we roll yo. More to come…

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Les Revenants (The Returned)
The 2012 French Series Review

Les Revenants (The Returned) A Review Of The Series First Season, A Phenomenal Supernatural Vision Perfectly Realized

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Rocky II
Rocky III
Gasoline Drenched
American Cinema

My breakdown of my the final moments of Rocky II & the film that is Rocky III
Iconic American cinema

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Mad Men
The Final Season
Teaser & Promo Photos

Mad Men, Season 7 Part 1 – Character Photos And The New Trailer

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Sons Of Anarchy
Why Kurt Sutter’s Series Is High-Octane Exceptional Storytelling

Sons Of Anarchy Kurt Sutter’s blockbuster saga about the SAMCRO motorcycle club’s trials, deaths and love has writing on par with The Walking Dead and never fails to shock, surprise and hurt you.

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Breaking Bad
A Brilliant Video Summary Of The Epic Series

Breaking Bad: A Brilliant Video Summary
Of The Entire Series


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The Breaking Bad
Entertainment Weekly Photo-Shoot
With Aaron Paul & Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Doing One Of Their Final Photo Shoots Before The Next Level Series Breaking Bad Ended Its Run.

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Dear Mister Cranston…
Anthony Hopkins Letter To
Bryan Cranston, Praising
His Performance And The Series
Breaking Bad

Anthony Hopkins binge watched Breaking Bad, and was so taken with the masterful execution of the series…and specifically the performance of the shows lead, Bryan Cranston, he sat down and immediately wrote him a letter. Inside.

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Raymond Cruz
Tuco Salamanca
Breaking Bad

Raymond Cruz As Tuco Salamanca In AMC’s Breaking Bad
A Few Clips From The Series

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