The Podcast • Chapter 10:
Our Top Ten Films & TV Series From 2015: Part 1

Chapter 10 | Our top ten Film & TV Series from 2015

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The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles Podcast: Chapter 10 Our Top Ten Films & TV Series From 2015

What Up Yo.

We’ve been gone a long time, but now were back…with a vengeance.

Join us as we discuss our top ten films (Oldboy) and Television Shows (Wes) from 2015.

This week we give you 10, 9 & 8…


10: Irrational Man

9: Straight Outta Compton

8: Spotlight


10: House Of Cards : Season 3

9: Mad Men : The Final Season

8; Les Revenants : Season 2

We explain the reasons for our decisions, and we hope you will join us for an hour.

Always Highest Quality Audio (in MP3 though, or you’d be downloading the master 32bit / 96KHz 2GB file )

Always In Stereo…

Always Die Hard Visual Storytelling Fanatics…

It’s good to be home.

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