The Podcast • Chapter 11:
Defending Zach Snyder’s
Batman V Superman

Chapter 11 | Defending Batman V Superman
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What Up Yo.
We are continuing our Top Ten Films & TV Series of 2015 shortly, but because of the horrid reviews Batman V Superman received…Oldboy was determined to stick up for the film, because he found it to be wonderful.
Being that this is a creation of Zach Snyder‘s, we celebrate the artist, and have two special guests on the show:
My wife, Karen Candela and my ever hard to find sister, Fawn Candela.
Fawn doesn’t dig the idea and compares it to Freddy vs. Jason
That’s my sis yo.
She talks about her favorite films, yells at me a few times (normal) and praises & discusses Melissa McCarthy.
We talk episode 7 and a bit of the original Superman films, but that discussion will wait…
For my Uncle Mike Candela and cousin Matt Candela from “That’ll Play” podcast (I told you…we are CandelaStrong)
A small conversation became a great addition to the chronicles.
Fuck the critics.
And Rock.
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