“It Was A Mission Statement.”

Voices Film & TV (http://voicesfilm.com), blog and podcast.

It's the small mountain I built with my bare hands, to climb atop and scream my praise from.

Started it up 4 years ago, took the name from its singular purpose;
To “Voice” or state an opinion, to express a point of view.

In this case to celebrate the art of Film, Television;

Visual Storytelling, both long and short form. And with Music.

A love for artistic expression.
Articles became podcasts.
I'm Wes Candela, myself my and brother Oldboy started

“This thing of ours.”.

"Speaking as a child of the eighties…”

You will always read & hear passionate commentary.

I always try to enhance every article with video clips and trailers, along with high resolution images and beautiful movie poster or key-art.

With podcasts, I'll enhance the dialogue with audio clips from the topic at hand to sonically bring you, the listener, a clearer interpretation of what is being referenced.

* Audiophile note:

  • I record each chapter (episode) at 32 bit 96 KHz, for each track in a multi-track audio session.
  • I mix and master the independent tracks, creating a stereo master at 32 bit 96 KHz
    This is to preserve the vocal acoustics and dynamics.
  • The media tracks are pulled directly from the highest quality versions of the film or television series I own.
  • The final, published audio file is a lossy .MP3 file. This is a mixdown made from the master stereo file which I'll encode anywhere from 224 kbps to 320 kbps constant bit rate.
    The lossless master files are preserved and will be available for you to download at http://voicesfilm.com in the future.

I explain this to illustrate why the files are so large.
It’s all a bit expensive and we are doing it on our own dime, therefore it's not possible...

I don’t take the sound quality lightly.

I don't take Voices Film & TV lightly.

Please listen with headphones, earbuds or through good speakers if possible.

If you like we do and you want to support the podcast to keep it up and running, please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and if you could leave a rating and review…it would be a massive help to us.
Honestly, it helps people discover the show and helps us more than you know.

You can find the Voices Film & TV Podcast On iTunes here:

And to the Voices Film troops who support us hear at Voices…

We know who some of you are, we want to know all of you…and we love you to bits. Truly.

Thank you for your dedication, feedback and constant love and support. Every word matters to us.

Every word.

Leave Your Mark.

- Wes Candela, 2017