Joy Division
From Anton Corbijn’s

That’s what watching this film was doing to me…it was a beautiful love letter to Joy Division, and when the film ended…I went on a Joy Division frenzy for a few months.

Some movies have those magic scenes that give you chills. That speak to your soul. To your heart.
The scene below…pure magic I wanted to share with you.

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Kurt Cobain
25 Years Gone
The Impact And Legacy

Kurt Cobain ascended the golden ladder, a ladder most will never glimpse.
He he climbed to the very top…and saw a curtain, behind which he always thought would be his salvation.
He reached over the ladder and peaked behind…
And for whatever reason…
After years of imaging the solace he might find….
Whatever Kurt saw back there…
He didn’t want to take another step after that…

He just wanted off the ladder by any means necessary.

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Soaked In Bleach
Was Kurt Cobain Murdered

“Why was he killed? Who profited? Who had the power to cover it up?”

– Oliver Stones “JFK”, 1991

“Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall.”
– William Murray,
Somersett’s Case, 1772
Justice For Kurt

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Duke Reviews
Douglas Trumbull’s Brainstorm

Duke presents us with his very first film review, the film he has chosen for this momentous occasion is 1983’s “Brainstorm”.

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Mr.Duke Has Started Watching
Game Of Thrones

Mr. Duke Has Started To Watch The Series Game Of Thrones….Not That You Care….

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Orphan Black Season 2

Orphan Black: Season 2 | 3 Part Season 1 Recap Video, 1 Teaser trailer For Season 2 & 25+ Promo Images

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Prince And The Revolution
Purple Rain
When Doves Cry
Let’s Go Crazy

When Doves Cry
Let’s Go Crazy
Purple Rain

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The Ambitious
Delivers On An Epic Scale

“While not as good advertised, Noah still delivers on Aronofsky’s wild ambitions.”

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Hood Vs. The Albino
Antony Starr & Joseph Gatt

Banshee The Albino Vs. Hood Joseph Gatt & Antony Starr • This was the scene that sold me forever to Banshee

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Live Forever
The Rise And Fall Of BritPop

Live Forever : The Rise And Fall Of BritPop | The Documentary…

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Game Of Thrones
Season 4
Trailers, Behind-The-Scenes Videos & Key-Art

“All Men Must Die” – Artwork & Videos For Season 4 Of Game Of Thrones.
Including Key-Art, Trailers & behind the scenes video.

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The Matthew Rauch Interview
By Dan Buffa

The Matthew Rauch interview by Dan Buffa.

The Banshee star opens up about life in New York, being a stage actor, how much he loves the show and it’s fans and how he can’t wait to beat the shit out of Hood.

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Smoking Aliens
Joker Rising

This is the film…This Is “Joker Rising”

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Why I Think This Looks Awful

Breaking my own rules, I’m bashing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 based on the trailer alone. Why?

A: What we had was wonderful

B: This reboot after less than 10 years is foolish and transparent
C: Because the trailer here is cringeworthy

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Christopher Walken
Will Farrell
“…More Cowbell.”

“It’s sounding great, But Fellas, I Could Have Used A Little More Cowbell…”

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Fedor Bondarchuk’s
Stalingrad, 2013

What up yo. I was catching up on a few new trailers last night & I went on over to, which I consider to be the best source for high definition trailers on the net, & I caught this trailer. It rocked my face off. The film is called “Stalingrad”. It’s a Russian film, made on a budget of $30 mill, shot digitally (5K source) for IMAX 3D…the visuals look absolutely gorgeous. $30 mill. […]

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American hustle

American Hustle
Yea…It’s That Good

David O. Russell creates another ensemble piece that has magic in every corner. The script is stellar , the cast is a knock out & the performances from Bale, Cooper, Lawrence and Adams are fantastic.

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Harold Ramis 1944-2014
In Memoriam

Harold Ramis man…
You can’t dream up a career with that many milestones.
He gave a lot of laughter to the world, which in my book, is priceless.

Again, sending love out to his family and loved ones…Harold Ramis was one of Hollywood’s greatest figures.

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House Of Cards Season 2
A Voices Review

House Of Cards

A diverse cast, Immoral main characters, Strong female roles, never spoon-feeding the complex story to the audience. Bravo.

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Tom Hardy
Ruth Wilson

Tom Hardy. The Real Fucking Deal. Lets Discuss…

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64+ TV Show Openings
Why Voices FIlm & TV Exsists

I Have Amassed 64+ Television Show Openings….I Had To Stop Myself, Because I Could Have Gone Fucking Mental Collecting These….I Mean More Than I Am Already. Anyway, This Is One Of My Favorite Posts. Drenched With High-Octane Visual Storytelling Gasoline People.
64 TV Show Opening Title Sequences & Why Voices Film & TV Exists
Drink It Up.

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The First Voices Article:
World War Z
Brad Pitt Vs. The Craziest Fucking Zombies
Hollywood Ever Created

This Is The First VoicesFILM.
World War Z
Brad Pitt Vs. The Craziest Fucking Zombies Hollywood Has Ever Created | A Voices Review

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