Smoking Aliens
Joker Rising

What up yo.

This is the film that Smoking Alien made about the Joker.

Duke frantically contacted me to tell me it was online…

I first talked about these guys here

At that point, Warner Bros. And DC Comics had blocked the film on YouTube.

Looks like the ban has since been lifted.

I’ve watched half so far.

Dylan Hobbs. This is the actor who viscously, convincingly and passionately plays “The Joker” and he does, from what I’ve seen so far, an amazing & standout job.

What “The Dark Knight” paid for a day of catering then these guys, Director:
Alek Gearhart & Manuel Eduardo Ramirez, spent making the film.

Because it’s low-budget at times it looks and feels a little low-budget, but what comes through clearly is the drive, passion and dedication of the team behind this film.

They need to be commended on their work…they were up against very hard-core resistance. This resistance was a compliment to their film. They made a powerful genesis story for the The Joker that was good enough to scare the big dogs. Bravo.

It’s an absolute pleasure for me to embed their movie below to assist them in getting their film seen, and to share it with all of you….the millions of imaginary VoicesFILM soldiers out there.

Rejoice, This…Is “Joker Rising”

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