Joy Division
From Anton Corbijn’s

That’s what watching this film was doing to me…it was a beautiful love letter to Joy Division, and when the film ended…I went on a Joy Division frenzy for a few months.

Some movies have those magic scenes that give you chills. That speak to your soul. To your heart.
The scene below…pure magic I wanted to share with you.

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Leaving Neverland, 2019

The victims speak, in this unflinching horrifying 4 hour documentary about the sexual child abuse committed by Michael Jackson at his Neverland Ranch.
The accusers finally speak. It gets fucking brutal.

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Brandon Flowers
Music Video
Charlize Theron

Brandon Flowers Crossfire music video, Staring Charlize Theron, Brandon is the Damsel In Distress. Theron must save her love. Beautiful.

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Michael Jackson
Beat It
Billie Jean

Michael Jackson. 1983. If you were alive and aware, his impact and talent is undeniable. This is The music Video for Thriller, directed by John Landis, and the making of that historic video which still rocks today, 35 years later.

Michael Jackson, The Kng of Pop.

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Walk This Way

Run DMC & Aerosmith’s Walk This Way music video.
In my opinion, this announced the arrival of rap to the mainstream music scene in the 80’s.

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Eddie Vedder
Masters Of War
Live At Madison Square Garden, 1992

Eddie Vedder sings Bob Dylan’s truth at Madison Square Garden in October of 1992.
A must see.

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Kurt Cobain
25 Years Gone
The Impact And Legacy

Kurt Cobain ascended the golden ladder, a ladder most will never glimpse.
He he climbed to the very top…and saw a curtain, behind which he always thought would be his salvation.
He reached over the ladder and peaked behind…
And for whatever reason…
After years of imaging the solace he might find….
Whatever Kurt saw back there…
He didn’t want to take another step after that…

He just wanted off the ladder by any means necessary.

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Paul Simon And Chevy Chase
Call Me Al, 1986

It’s the rare music video that can sustain it’s charm for 30 years.
And I find it’s usually the simplest ones that stay with you.
This is easily one of them

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Pearl Jam MTV Unplugged
Astoria, New York 1992

20 years ago I watched the Pearl Jam MTV Unplugged performance for the first time. Over the course of that 60 mins, Pearl Jam became
and still is
my favorite band.

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