Why Tom Hiddleston Can’t Love an Old Lady; And Other Musings of a Gen Xer

I spent a good bit of last weekend in the Emergency Veterinary hospital.  My one-year old rescue dog, Loki (of course he is named after the god of mischief!) had developed a nasty GI problem; most likely due to the fact he eats anything he can fit into his mouth! For all the animal lovers reading this I will assuage your fears. Loki seems to be doing fine. At least he is back to his […]

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Joy Division
From Anton Corbijn’s

That’s what watching this film was doing to me…it was a beautiful love letter to Joy Division, and when the film ended…I went on a Joy Division frenzy for a few months.

Some movies have those magic scenes that give you chills. That speak to your soul. To your heart.
The scene below…pure magic I wanted to share with you.

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