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The Chronicles Of Wes & Oldboy
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What is it:

Voices Film & TV is a blog I, Wes Candela, started 5 years ago. Based out of New York City, it was born out of pure desire to Voice my praise of the extraordinary work that exists in television and cinema.

2 years later, I, along with my brother-in-arms Oldboy, conceived:
The Chronicles Of Wes & Oldboy

This would be a podcast where we could literally voice our praise and love of all things film & television.

Filmmaker’s. Cinematographers. Actors and actresses.
In short, visual storytelling.
We are die-hard Cinephiles.

Devoted to celebrating the art of visual storytelling and expression in film, television and music. We celebrate pop culture, news, people that live with passion and realize their dreams, cultural icons… Inspirational people who live hard, and their wonderful achievements.
Talk Hard.
Leave Your Mark.

Wes Candela, 2018

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