The Podcast • Chapter 3:
The Watchowski’s 1999 Phenomenon
The Matrix

Chapter 3 | The Matrix

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The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles Podcast: Chapter 3 The Matrix
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The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles
Episode 3 | The Matrix
What Up Yo.
Just saying, you know what I love?
This punctuation mark ” | ” Love it. So nice and succinct.
Ok. Moving on.
Episode III baby… The one and only Matrix.
In this episode we discuss a variety of topics, Beginning with the Matrix, Oldboy and I ponder why the film worked as well as it does.
My feeling, is that The Wachowskis put the viewer directly into Neo’s s shoes and as he is awakened to the Matrix, we are also.
As he learns, we learn, and are thereby allowed to experience one of a movie fanatics greatest dreams…
We are allowed to become Neo ourselves.
Oldboy feels the film worked because it was grounded in reality.
We both applaud The Wachowskis, Cinematographer Bill Pope, Carrie-Ane Moss as the beautiful and hyper intelligent Trinity and in a career defining role…Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus…which was almost Sean Connery, and Oldboy gives us his impression of what they may have sounded like…
Then on to trailer 1.
Oldboy and I watch the upcoming Johnny Depp film “Black Mass”about James “Whitey” Bulger …an incredible looking Johnny,as the criminal
Its my first viewing and it rocks my face off.
It stars Johnny Depp, Joel Edgerton, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kevin Bacon and Peter Sarsgaard…which is a dream cast man…
And it is Directed by Scott Cooper who gave us “Out Of The Furnace” and “Crazy Heart”
And it looks amazing…Johnny, looks amazing.
Chilling…This may get him the statue. (Whatever that damn thing is worth, that fucker has caused more pain to the filmmakers and storytellers out there than t has caused happiness.)
We then discuss the new upcoming “Goodfellas” remaster, which finally gets a brand new transfer from the original 35mm negative…this gets unleashed on may 5th.
Next Trailer….”Southpaw”
Directed by Antoine Fuqua, Screenplay & Story by Kurt “Sons Of Anarchy” Sutter,
Starring an incredible looking Jake Gyllenhaal, the always amazing Forest Whitaker, the great Rachel McAdams
It comes out on July 24, 2015
Watch the trailer about a celebrated and champion middle weight boxer who looks incredible,
who loses his wife and in his grief loses his daughter…which leads him to have to go back to the basics and get trained from the ground up by Forest Whitaker who plays a trainer and gym owner.
This looks intense, And Jake always gives it up.
But its the triple threat of Gyllenhaal, Sutter & Fuqua that promises a passionate and driven film,.
From there onto the opening of “Trainspotting”, “Choose your future, choose life”
Because I can.
**”Dark City”, Alex Proyas…one of the most underated Sci-Fi – Film Noir films ever…
We also discuss Game Of Thrones, the books not coming out on time, the show departing from the books, how HBO announced only 7 seasons and I think he said maybe more than 7 books?
And more importantly how he gave HBO outline for remainder of the story so in the event he passes away, they are covered in their investment,
On to some TV. – Mad Men, the final season, has been good, enjoyable to see Don, Peggy, Joan, Pete and Roger all back…now in the early 1970’s…but that these are in fact the final episodes, there is a sense of looming sadness that this wonderful show is almost gone.
A brief rant on Lars Von Trier and Antichrist, Breaking The Waves, The Dogma Manifesto, Dogville and how awesome it was.
Lars…you’re the man.
Oldboy then jumps into how on April 20, 2015…he went to a drive in theater to watch on a big screen “Friday”
something was of, the quality was of…
It tuns out, the film was streamed version of the film, projected onto a movie screen.
We celebrate Criterion.
We discuss how films being mastered in 4K are not future proof because celluloid holds infinite amount of resolution compared to digital and I don’t believe we have come close to that yet.
We need 10K.
Then you can feel safe that you are seeing a good reproduction, not 4K.
Then the debates start: The Wolf Of Wall Street…how I thought it was a mess…Oldboy disagrees, thinks they all knocked it out of the park.
Discuss the Canon Golan Globas has a new doc coming out…
Penny Dreadful the new season coming next week, preview of episode one on Voices: FILM NOW…
The Knick season 2, coming
The Strain season 2 coming
BATES MOTEL… Fantastic where it’s going….fantastic.
The performances are dynamite.
Marvels Daredevil …loving it…. Vincent D’Onofrio is amazing, and his presence elevates it alone to pretty damn awesome.
“Green Inferno” Eli Roths film is stuck, won’t get released….please let’s get tis baby out there!!!
Back to The Matrix , Now it is being preserved in Library Of Congress National Film Registry…
More on that list next time, where we discuss…
The Mafia and Crime Sagas In Film And Television With A Review Of The New Restored And Finally Remastered “Goodfellas”
We love you guys,
Stay Tuned…
And Remember…
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