The Podcast • Chapter 1:
David Fincher’s Cinematic Revelation
Fight Club

What Up Yo.
And so it begins.
Stage II: Voices The Podcast
Chapter 1 | Fight Club

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There was me…
That is Alex…
And my three droogs,
That is Pete…


Sorry. Welcome.

Is the first podcast,
The first Voices: FILM podcast.

I have waited so fucking long to write this post.

It’s a show. It’s rough. Dirt under the fingernails rough.

And I thank you for joining me, that is Wes, and Oldboy, for:

The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles

Celebrating all things film, television…visual storytelling.

The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles
Episode 1 | Fight Club
For our first episode Oldboy and I begin with “Fight Club” by David Fincher Along with Brad Pitt & Edward Norton’s performances have elevated it to iconic movie cult status.

Also discussed: The “instant gratification” generation as names by Oldboy, and the dangers of the Internet and what they are being exposed to at a young age.

Jeff (“Fight Club”, “The Social Network”) And Jordan Cronenweth‘s (“Blade Runner“, “State Of Grace”) a family of brilliant cinematographers.

How “State Of Grace” was the origin for “Infernal Affairs” & “The Departed”

It’s our first podcast people.

We discuss why we are here: Because we are film lovers and we need to vent. And celebrate. And debate. And break rules. (We have no formal training in film criticism)

The debate:
Wes watches films and keeps up with his shows by way of watching films & TV on the iPhone.
Oldboy will not, ever.

We discuss why we prefer each. **please note: stop bringing cell phones and baby’s to films

“Whiplash” and the final incredible last scene…

We discuss Ridley Scott‘s “Prometheus” & “Blade Runner”
How “Blade Runner 2” will Ryan Gosling will co-star with Harrison Ford

Steven Spielberg: Why Wes thinks he destroyed Hollywood, why Oldboy loves him.

Stanley Kubrick:
“A.I.” Was it great? Oldboy thinks so, Wes thinks otherwise.

The “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” trailer. Their takes on the film.

IMAX theaters.
Home Theaters and the great sound available.

Jared Leto…amazing actor, taking on “The Joker”

Gregg Araki : genius or menace?

David Fincher, greatest films.

“House Of Cards”
“Bates Motel” (you need to watch this people)
– Vera Farmiga, Nestor Carbonell, Freddie Highmore
“The Americans” Great!!!
“Orphan Black: Season 3” coming this week
“Salem: Season 2”

Shout Out To Matt Candela (CANDELASTRONG) & John Nuzzi of “That’ll Play”

A rough first episode, but the band-aid has been ripped off my friends.

We launch into the discussion and it never lets up.

This my friends is a milestone for Voices, for Oldboy and Myself.

Two brothers, talking visual storytelling after shooting up with some high octane gasoline to get us nice and ready for a bit of Ultra Violence.

Passionate, a bit rough around the edges…but it’s the first, and we give it to you straight from the heart.

Thanks for coming.

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