The Podcast • Chapter 7:
Tony Scott’s
True Romance
Wes Asks The Question:
Is Quentin Tarantino Racist?

Chapter 7 | True Romance & Is Quentin Tarantino A Racist?

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The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles Podcast is back

We return for a heated and passionate discussion about racism in the works of Quintin Tarantino, the different portrayals of the Joker from Nicholson to Ledger and our undying love for film and TV.

Our passion has never been stronger.has never been stronger.

We’re back.

Oldboy explains how Brandon Lee’s death was foretold in his father Bruce Lee’s final film…

Game of Death

Wes believes and argues that Quentin Tarantino is racist and litters his films with the horrible “N” word

Oldboy disagrees and says he is trying to represent a type of character and needs to include the word

The debate begins with True Romance

Then Pulp Fiction

Then we visit
Malcolm X
Do The Right Thing

Leave Your Mark.

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