The Podcast Chapter 26 Spike Lee, Malcolm X Racism In America, 2020

What up yo

So we, Oldboy and Myself, got back together in the middle of this year, the 3rd act of summer, to discuss what’s been on our minds.

Of course, there’s film, there’s television…

But there are also documentary’s and current events.

I’ll be straight up honest with you, we’re all…

Humans in this world,

in the grasp of a worldwide pandemic:


This is the summer of 2020.

The lost year.

We’ve lost approximately 150,000 people across the planet 🌎 to this virus i the past 4 to 8 months.

No one is sure.

Attention turns inward.

Then back out.

People are quarantined to prevent the spread of this virus.

Wearing masks and gloves.

New York City lost 32,000 people up the virus within two months.
more than most countries.

It’s a new reality for us all.

living on a FaceTime like app called Zoom.

In light of this, tensions are rising.

I assume this is a natural reaction to being locked down like this.

But this is different.

City’s are exploding with violence.

The president has  sent the national guard into cities to maintain control.
Or is that not the true reason?

Is it because the 45th president of the United States 🇺🇸, Donald Trump, sees the election coming for which he is running for a second term as King of the World in his mind, and he fears he may lose?

That’s one aspect of what’s happening, the other is the movement:


A movement I stand behind with honor.


Am unarmed black man, was brutally murdered by police officers in Minnesota 2 months ago…

His name was George Floyd

Four police officers held him down while one stood on his neck for eight minutes.

He died, and it was all recorded and broadcasted to the world.

Racial tension?



People are angry.

They’re tired of it . If you have to ask why, you’re not listening.

Others are fighting the movement:

“Why are you angry?””

“Why do Black Lives Matter?”

And my favorite one to argue:


Completely missing the point of the movement.

That racism has been a constant in our lives as long as any human being on this planet has been aliv and for hundreds of years before.

This is something Oldboy and I take very seriously.

We come from multi-racial families, have multi racial friends we love…

And we hate racism… with a passion.

We discuss Spike Lee,

Filmmaker, activist and one of the strongest voices in the film industry since he entered in 1986.

We discuss his most recent film, “Da Five Bloods” And his masterpiece, his passion project, 1992’s “Malcolm X”

So I’m laying it out for you now, if a racist has slipped in to the audience… Welcome.

Listen closely, we’re talking about you… Fucker.

To everyone else, We send love and stay safe.

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