Joy Division
From Anton Corbijn’s

What Up Yo.

I could go off here for a while about Anton Corbijn and how he paints with images. How the black and white photography in this film shot by cinematographer Martin Ruhe is gorgeous and the entire film looked like silk to me, but I’m sitting in a parking lot banging this out on my iPad and I need to get back home.

But listen, watch.

I didn’t know much about Joy Division before watching this film. Then as it progressed, and because I have immense respect for al things on all things British, I began to love the music and listen to it.
There is nothing like being told about a band or a film or a television series from someone who’s opinion you respect, from someone who is passionate about what they are recommending to you.

That’s what watching this film was doing to me…it was a beautiful love letter to Joy Division, and when the film ended…I went on a Joy Division frenzy for a few months.

Some movies have those magic scenes that give you chills. That speak to your soul. To your heart.
The scene below…pure magic I wanted to share with you.

“We Can Dance…






To The Radio.”

– Joy Division, Transmission

Control, 2007

Joy Division “Transmission”, 1979

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