Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr
1929 – 1968
In Memoriam

Today we celebrate the life of an extraordinary human being. A prophet, an angel, a saint who walked amongst us.
I think of this man, watch footage of him, listen to his speeches, read his words, feel his compassion, relish in his exquisite command of the English language and his ability to articulate and express his…our…thoughts and emotions…

And I have an absolute love for him.

I also feel like crying every time I think of him.  Crying out of happiness and joy that he lived and in the life-force he was, crying in awe of him, crying because of the courage he showed in the face of constant mortal danger along with those who walked, marched, led and stood up with him, crying for  the courage he instilled in million, perhaps billions, of human beings, crying for the barriers he helped breakdown and the fear he must have felt every moment.
He stood up…not only for his freedom, for his family’s freedoms, but for all people’s freedoms.

To undertake such a huge responsibility, to carry it as well as he did…for generations to follow…for all of us….This is what makes me want to cry.

We all have a tremendous amount to learn from that man, we all as a people owe him a great debt. He was simply one of the bravest men to have ever walked the face.

Im a very spiritual person, my belief is that we all come from a heaven & we will return there when we leave here. We are born into this world, and we will die out of this world…but this is not our home. Heaven, where ever that is…that is our home. That we are all spirits…beings of pure love…and here, as Sting wrote…we are spirit’s in the material world.

I believe we choose to come here, we know we will forget everything when we arrive. We are given a physical vessel to live within, born to humans who came before us who will hopefully guide us based on their experiences to live this temporary life.  What we do in our lives will influence those who follow us here in ways we will never know.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. practiced and advocated love in the face of hatred, who fought the temptation to lash out in anger at those who attempted to hurt him and his loved ones. He demonstrated a different way.
He retained a divine spiritual wisdom, a pure connection to his soul…and it is that connection that he spoke to the world from.
When I hear his words, they break through the barrier of my mind and penetrate my spirit. They speak to the part of me that believes we are all brothers and sisters here.

He had the wisdom to see, then teach, that beyond this mortal life, beyond what he saw, what we all see, we are all of the spiritual. He had a divine connection to his spirit that gave him the clarity of mind to see the following:

We are not a people of many races,

We are a race of people,

We are The Human Race.

And we are, have been and always will be, brothers and sisters.

God bless Dr. King.


King- A Filmed Record...From Montgomery To Memphis (VoicesFILM) [1059 x 1500] (1)




Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (VoicesFILM) [1600 x 1200] (2)

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (VoicesFILM) [750 x 960] (6)

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (VoicesFILM) [1920 x 1080] (11) 


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (VoicesFILM) [1229 x 692] (1)

Martin Luther King, Jr.

circa 1960: American clergyman and civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr (1929 – 1968). (Photo by Consolidated News Pictures/Getty Images)
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