Leaving Neverland, 2019

Part I

1 hour in…

I was a Michael Jackson fan in the early 1980’s, specifically in 1983–1985.

This is because “Thriller” was out dominating MTV, radio stations, turntables and cassette players everywhere.

I also remember being a kid thinking “I wish I could meet him.”

Because he seemed so cool, so accessible to me as a 9 or 10 year old. He projected himself as an overgrown child.

And at the bottom of it all, he seemed so kind.

And I am sure he was…

But being a father now, watching this documentary…

The children don’t have black bars across their face anymore, they are fully grown adults talking about their experiences…

It’s fucking chilling.

Children were his prey.

And these poor kids, now adults, growing up with these memories…

Memories that metastasized over the years from becoming friends with the world’s biggest superstar…to the revelation that they were actually being courted, coached and…if the stories are true…they were then raped by Jackson. One of the victims was raped from the age of 7-14.


Jackson was not an overgrown child, he was a fucking man, with no limits.

No financial limits, no territorial limits, no limits of access… A man without limits, a man with a fractured conscience and Zero morals.

He literally got whatever he wanted, destroying the innocence of children…the extent of which we still don’t know.

It’s horrifying.


Part II

I finished part one… I had a sick feeling half the time I was watching it. Most of the time. And I’m thinking during the last 20 minutes of part one “they can’t do a documentary without showing the legal fallout and all that happened…?”

Then it ended and on the screen you see:

End of Part One

And I realize that there’s more…

I look and see that last night the second part aired.

My daughter goes down for a nap, and I have started it

Within minutes, I feel sick again.



Watching this for 240 minutes back to back, the details are now seared into my mind.

This is not an easy watch… it’s the opposite of easy.

Does it matter what I think?

Do I think Michael Jackson is guilty of child molestation?

Personally, I never doubted it.

I saw a video of Michael Jackson going on a shopping spree in Las Vegas.

This is after the first accusation was settled out of court.

It was footage from the documentary by Martin Bashir called “Living with Michael Jackson “


Completely unedited, very pale Michael walk-through I luxury fashion store with his entourage…and then began to pick the items he wanted to buy… Items that were in the price range of $100,000 each…

Like marble pillars, artwork, furniture…all extremely well-made. All costing a fortune.

He begins to go down an escalator.

He sees an object and says




At this point he had lost a lot of money in legal battles,  but seemed well off still.

The reason I write this is to illustrate the following:

Micheal Jackson got whatever Michael Jackson wanted.

It was raw footage from a documentary by Martin Bashir.

Authorized by Jackson, this documentary alone spoke volumes to me when I first saw it. It never left my mind.

Martin Bashir asked Jackson the tough questions. Plastic surgery, allegations of child abuse, about his father, it’s all in there

Highly uncomfortable ,

Completely unflinching… It deserves a new look now.

The new documentary is divided into two parts, totaling 240 minutes.

So for four hours I am listening to information that never would have made it into the public consciousness if Michael Jackson were still alive.

It’s all just so fucking sad.

The victims, now fully grown adults, say they are just beginning to uncover the layers of abuse and manipulation now.

In other words, it took Michael Jackson dying and a decade passing  for both to get the courage to face the Jackson State and seek justice, whether it be verbal financial or simple acknowledgment of the family’s behalf. That is not what happened. The family emphatically denies every last word from these two.

One child, the first to Sue Michael Jackson when he was alive settled out of court for between $10 million and $25 million. That person does not speak in the documentary.

To look at the faces of the accusers, to hear the words they use…

I didn’t doubt one thing I was hearing from this second this thing aired.

I would love  to say to them:


I say to The Jackson Estate…including his children, who have denied allegations for all their lives,  and as of today, March 6, 2019… They Estate filed a lawsuit against HBO for airing the documentary three days ago.

I say:

Maybe you’re convinced this is extortion and slander..


But what if it’s true?

Shouldn’t you be apologizing instead of getting angry and filing lawsuits.

They don’t think their brother/father did this.

Or, maybe worse, they do.

And they are protecting his legacy and their fortunes, but most importantly:

We want the truth.

The victims can’t heal wholly until they are apologized too.

So,  Janet…

Did you know?

Or do you honestly believe that… keeping all previous accusations in mind here…that he is completely innocent?

Because you need to ask, what if he did it?

He has been dead for 10 years, and these men are clearly still terrified of his reaction to this documentary.

He had to die for them just have the courage to speak.

Are there people who saw and were silent, like some of the maids and butlers have come out and stated.

Because shame on you if you knew.

It could have been stopped…

It fucking could have been.


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