Guns N’ Roses
From The Jungle
Live At The Ritz

What Up Yo.
Wanted post & share this video because it’s bad ass, makes me all sorts of nostalgic and I love the style.

It oozes decadence.

At this point in their careers, “Appetite For Destruction” was released 16 months earlier & had changed the face of rock ‘n roll.

Guns N Roses Welcome to the Jungle Video

I first saw the video for “Welcome To The Jungle” on a school night at 4 AM or so on MTV.

At that point, I had no clue who they were yet. No one I knew did.

I was 13 or 14 at the time…and while watching the video I distinctly remember thinking:

“I think this song may be awesome.”

Once the album came out, slowly people began to talk about this band I had seen late at night on MTV.

Then paradise…

Guns N Roses Paradise City Video

Then I remember seeing and hearing “Sweet Child”.

Then they exploded.

Guns N Roses Sweet Child of Mine Video

We were waiting for what they would do next when my buddy Doug came up to me in school and asked if I had heard the new Guns album:

“No. It’s out?”

“I just got it yesterday. It’s in my locker.”

We went to his locker and pulled out the “G ‘N R: LIES” tape.

It didn’t look like Appetite.

And it didn’t sound anything like Appetite.
It had 8 tracks on it.
4 were live tracks by them that I thought sounded like shite.

Then, the tracks 5-8, were acoustic tracks that were simply (sans track 8 “One In A Million“, which makes me want to punch Axl dead in his throat…Twice) amazing.

The writing and performing here are stellar. It’s that incredible second act from a band that was risky as fuck, but worked.

They didn’t seem to be worried about what people thought, or they would have put out “Appetite: Part II”.

Instead you got an acoustic set showing Axls vocal range, Izzy’s song writing skills, Slashes prowess with the guitar, and it proved they didn’t need to rock out and be loud…they could rock out sitting in a living room.

That’s a true, talented and rare band.

They shot the video for “Patience”. Right on the crest of massive success.

It’s a document of the band before they got bloated and ultimately imploded.

Rich…but still grounded and sincere.

And honest, even if I think Axl is a foolish hick, you can’t say he didn’t say what was on his mind.

In this video, I love Slash on the bed ignoring the women. Axl destroying the “high-tech for 1988” phone and Duff, taking his dinner plate down stairs…walking by a maid…brings the tray downstairs on his own wearing a designer white suit jacket, leather pants. smoking a butt.

And the jam. Looking at them laying it all down acoustically, simple, Axl reading lyrics off off of paper, making incredible music, then the song drops and Axl grabs the mic and does his snake dance. Begins to belt out the end.
Oh baby.

Snapshot of excellence.

Guns N Roses Patience Video

Again people, grab…if you can find…the MFSL 24 carat gold plated disc. Sound quality is fantastic.

Guns N Roses Live At The Ritz 1988

Guns N Roses Patience

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