Christopher Walken
Will Farrell
“…More Cowbell.”


What up yo.
First, this is one of the best sketches SNL ever pulled off in my opinion.

Second, a few things happen here…a chain reaction begins 3 mins in which catapults this skit instantly into classic SNL Skit status.

It begins when Farrell kicks the mic stand over. If you watch closely you’ll see…

  • Horatio Sanz responding by backing up, stumbling, falling down and nearly taking down the entire drumset. It has begun.
  • Then Chris Kattan, looking incredible with that pornstar mustache, aggressively grabs Farrell by the shirt and yells “Don’t blow this for us Gene!!”
  • Jimmy Fallon can’t handle this. Watch him at 3 minutes 23 seconds in, he try’s to say his line:
    “Yea come on Gene…quit being so selfish!”
    He barley gets it out he’s laughing so hard.
  • Kattan is now trying not to laugh, hiding his smile behind his mustache.
  • Farrell looks at Kattan & Fallon, he cracks up for a split second …he knows he’s got them. Then he pulls it together for his final lines….
  • Chris Parnell manages to keep it together until this point. Listen closely, he is off camera and bursts out laughing when Farrell says he would “be doing myself and the band a dis-service if he didn’t play the hell out of this thing!”
  • Walken’s comic timing is impeccable. He’s been called one of SNL’s greatest hosts for a reason. As soon as Farrell completes his lines, he launches into “Guess What!”

Gasoline drenched comedy.

“Baby’s. By the time we’re done here today, y’all be wearing gold plated diapers!”

“What does that mean?”

“Never question Bruce Dickenson!”

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