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The Leaked Audio On Set Thrashing

Morning Yo.
A quick post here…
My cousin Pete had never heard the Christian Bale On-Set Freakout audio before…so i hunted it down and sent it to him, then thought…

“VoicesFILM. Must Post To VoicesFILM.”

If you haven’t heard this before, it’s amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

It breakdown like this:
Bale is on set, filming “Terminator: Salvation“. Shooting scenes with Bryce Dallas Howard.
The cameras roll…they get in their zones and begin to act, but Bale can’t concentrate because the Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut keeps walking into the middle of the scene to check the lights on set.
He is ruining takes, disrespecting the actors, and compromising the performances.

The director, McG, does not stop Shane. No one does.
Bale has had it.
He flips out, stops the scene, and Releases The Kraken on this guy.

Someone on the set records the audio of what is happening and catches 3.5 minutes of pure freakout. It leaks to the press & media…

Then goes everywhere.

 Christian Bale leaked on-set lashing:

Now, I’m a movie nut and I am very sympathetic to how difficult it is for an actor to nail a performance. It’s really a form of insanity, convincing yourself that you’re someone else for extended periods of time.
When these actors are on movie sets especially, they have to do this in front of hundreds of crew members at times. The instinct to break out in laughter would get me every time I think.
But these are professionals, they take their craft seriously, and Bale is no exception. look at his body of work and you see the dedication.

Now, why you would walk into the middle of a scene during shooting is one thing, but why you would dare piss off this guy

American Psycho (VoicesFILM) [1280 x 700] (3)

Just foolish man.

I used to have this loaded on my iPod. I’d begin my day, put the iPod on shuffle, then I would hear this load up, and i would smile every time. It’s not so much the losing it and screaming, though i love that, it’s how real Bale sounds. How he is also defending his co-star, how he is schooling this guy.

Is it a bit much?
Yea. Sure.
Is it justified?
Maybe not.
Is it great to listen to?

You’re goddamn right it is.

Some of my favorite moments:

“No!! Don’t just be sorry…THINK!!! What the FUCK are YOU DOING!?”

“What don’t you fucking understand!?!?”

“Give me a fucking answer!!”

“Stay off the fucking set man…”

“For fuck sake you’re amateur.”

Bale to McG:

“Ok…Lets go again…”


“Why don’t we take a minute…”

Bale Responds:

“No, lets not take a fucking minute…Let’s GO AGAIN!!! AND LETS NOT HAVE YOU (To Shane) FUCKING WALKIN’ IN!!!

McG says…

“OK, I get it…”

Bale (hahaha):

“You might get it. He doesn’t fucking get it. You might! He

McG says…

“Take a walk man…”

Bale Responds…

“No, I don’t need any fucking walking. He needs to stop walking!”


I love this. Thank the gods it was recorded man. Sure Bale doesn’t like that its out there…but I only respected him more after hearing this.

Now, have you ever seen “American Psycho”?
If you’re a Bale fan and you haven’t seen that one yet…you haven’t seen Bale perform.

Here is an amazing Fan-Made trailer by YouTube user Chief Brody Rules I found.

Enjoy and have a great day…



American Psycho (VoicesFILM) [1294 x 1631] (5)

American Psycho (VoicesFILM) [992 x 701] (1)


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