Chris Cornell
In Memoriam
I can’t believe I’m writing this post

“I never wanted,

To write these words down… for you.

With the pages…

Of phrases…

Of all the things…we’ll never do.

So I’ll blow out…

The candle,

And I’ll put you…to bed.

Since you can’t say to me now,

How the dogs broke your bone,

There’s just one thing left to be said…

Say Hello To Heaven”

– Chris Cornell, 1991

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Eddie Vedder
Masters Of War
Live At Madison Square Garden, 1992

Eddie Vedder sings Bob Dylan’s truth at Madison Square Garden in October of 1992.
A must see.

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Pearl Jam MTV Unplugged
Astoria, New York 1992

20 years ago I watched the Pearl Jam MTV Unplugged performance for the first time. Over the course of that 60 mins, Pearl Jam became
and still is
my favorite band.

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