Thrones, Thrones…Thrones.

What Up Yo.


We are all currently in the midst of watching (experiencing) the final season of Game Of Thrones

A few thoughts after the forth episode which aired last night:

Sansa and the Hound. 

“Little Bird.”

The Starks at the tree. 

“Swear it.”

Gendry & Arya. 

“I’m not a Lady…”



The power and hold it has on us all as we watch these fantastic moments being dropped week to week. 

And these Mondays…

When we all catch our breath before getting punished again on Sunday night. 

Watching this saga come to an end…

We are all in the middle of watching visual storytelling history unfold…

And none of us, on this side of the screen, can see the forest through the trees yet. 

This show is going to tear us apart in the next two weeks.

How I’ve missed these beatings. 

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