Eddie Vedder
Hanging From The Rafters
Porch Live From Pinkpop 1992

What up yo.
This is a clip from "Pearl Jam: Twenty"...
Eddie and the boys discussing Eddie risking his life, hanging from the rafters and scaffolding during the bands early shows.

For example...

Pearl Jam : Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands 1992 • Porch

One of my favorite images of the band is from photographer Lance Mercer, friend of the bans who shot a lot of pics of them in the early golden days.

The image is below and was taken during the "Drop In the Park" concert.

Drop was a free concert the boys threw in Seattle in 1992 after their first world tour where they spent their first year together on the road promoting 1991's "Ten".

They toured tirelessly as the album debuted and stood still in 1991,
then it picked up momentum 8 months after being released in 1992 after "Evenflow" & "Alive" singles and were released...and word of the boys electric live show began to circulate.

They were still touring when the album broke, then began to enter legendary status...
And after more than a year, they came home and performed one of their greatest shows for free to a loving and wild crowd in their home town of Seattle.

The images below are from this show, and below them is a clip from the Documentary, posted to the bands YouTube page, where Eddie, Stone & Mike discuss fearing the death of Eddie Vedder as he literally risked his life to entertain...and because he was so damn happy to be exactly where he was.
Fills me with electricity just looking at these images.









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