Happy Birthday John Lennon
October 9th, 1940

What up yo.

On a this day, October 9th 1940, John Winston Lennon was born.

He changed the world with his strength, intelligence and love by daring to imagine a world witlhout hatred…then sharing his voice and vision with the world.

Once the spotlight of all spotlights shone on him, John Lennon took the opportunity of the exposure that was thrust upon him and the attention that celebrity afforded him…and sent a grand message of love, peace and unity out into the world.

As he fought along with his wife and soul mate, Yoko One, to challenge the status quo of thinking, and to preach love.

He was taken from us by, what I consider, a demon…who was sent to silence the man who preached love and unity so coherently and passionately.


The demons mission failed.


John lives on, within the music, his art…and the message he spread, which would strike a chord with the people globally and reverberates throughout history long after he was taken…


I wish John a Happy Birthday and thank him and Yoko for their struggle to inject love into the world by any means possible.

They saved more people than they could have imagined.

Happy Birthday John.






Photographs & His Art

John Lennon

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