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School Of Rock

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So, School Of Rock…


School Of Rock

Jack Black, tearing up the screen in his first starring role in a film about an unemployed musician who,  after being kicked out of his band,  poses as a substitute teacher at a a private school for gifted children and recruits them into his rock band to win a competition.

Directed by brilliant Filmmaker Richard Linklater written by actor director and writer Mike White… this may be Jack Black’s finest work,  although what he did in high fidelity comes damn close.

He seized this opportunity, under Richard Linklater’s keen direction, takes this character and brings him to life completely.


So much so that it was difficult to pick out a moment to showcase in this article…

But at the end of the day I found two that I implore you to watch.

The first scene ranks amoung the greats of comedic timing.

Jacks character Dewy Finn, undercover as his teacher friend Ned Schneebly, tells the young students, all musical prodigys onscreen and off,  that they will be working on a new school project to play a show

What are they going to play?

Mr. Schneebly has that covered.  They’ll be playing a song he wrote.  When they ask to hear the song, Black must perform the song A cappella  in front of the class during a long continuous take where the camera slowly pans back while Black goes wild.

This is talent people.

While the musicians mature and deviate from the classical music they are being  taught,  the classes guitarist writes a song.  This is the song that will be played at the competition.

And it’s bad ass.

What I love about this film movies is its pure nature, and how entertaining it is as a whole.

I couldn’t imagine it starring anybody except Jack. It may also be one of the only child friendly films I’ve ever posted about.

I can’t believe I’m about to fucking write this, but it’s fun for the whole family…


But it is.

With Linklater behind the camera, everybody knows now he’s a master. A man it’s taken filmmaking the a new level with Boyhood.

Well this was 13 years before Boyhood, 10 years after Dazed And Confused and the film shines bright.

If you haven’t seen it, I just spoiled the shit out of it for you.

But I left a lot of the cutting room floor, if you catch my drift.

Give it a shot.
Take notes.

Jack…come back to us.


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