Forty Six & Two
ROCKED OUT By Middle School Students

What Up Yo.
Exactly like the title says…Tool’s “Forty Six & Two”…played by middle school students in a recording studio.

Filmed (well…video recorded), mixed and mastered.
This is incredible. We thought you needed to see this immediately.

You’ll see why. Watch the drummer and the singer man.

The groups teachers name is Aaron O’Keefe, hit the website for more…

Produced by

The students for all their hard work.
Photography / Videography: John Quinto
Mastering Engineer: Steve Nagasaki
Mixing Engineer: Dan Agee
Lead Engineer: Zach Allen
Assistant Engineer: Jarad Clement
Cameramen: Simon Marts and John Quinto
Jeremy Singer at Maineville Music Academy
Tool, for writing an incredible song!

Credit Sequence / Light’s Theme from Death Note: Performed by Andy Hubbard

Recorded at The Tracking Room in Nashville, TN.

Loveland Music Academy | Maineville Music Academy | Lebanon Music Academy

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