Vice, 2018
Teaser Trailer

What Up Yo.

Saw a notification earlier from IMDb, new teaser out for Adam McKay’s new film, Vice. 

Didn’t see the cast or credits. Didn’t know what the movie was about…so I didn’t click the link. 


Then Old Boy reached out. ..



That alert I didn’t  ignore. 

I watched it, and I  see an actor I can’t place.

Looks like Chevy Chase.

Then it flashes across the screen:

Christian Bale as Dick Cheney?



I look again.

”It’s not possible. ”

But…it’s him.

Working with



And the always excellent

I love Amy.

Love her. 

Steve is just tremendous. 

And Sam,

Sam is pure rock and roll. 

But Christian. 

He’s completely embedded in this character, the precision of his makeup is so incredibly right on…

I don’t see him here at all.

I can’t recognize him at all…

He’s a genius. An overlooked genius. 

Overlooked maybe because he yelled at Shane Hurlbut, the cinematographer on Terminator:Salvation. The first in what was to be a reboot of the franchise that didn’t happen. 

He’s generous with his co-stars, when they shine he steps back. But it’s awful to ponder all the films he didn’t get Oscar nods for. 

It’s mind boggling. 

The extent to which he goes is incredible. 

These are just words. Do the research. Watch his body of work. 

Christian Bale is one of the hardest working, dedicated and talented actors alive. 

He is a chameleon. 

He is Daniel Day-Lewis, mixed with the instincts of the great Marlon Brando. 

I give credit where it’s due





The Oscars or The Academy Awards are not awarded by the people. 

We don’t need the Academy Awards.

It’s compromised and corrupt, just like Washington DC.

We the cinephiles need to have a forum where we choose and celebrate the best in film. 

This should be a worldwide forum.

A celebration of cinema from all corners of the globe. 

This is why I love the Cannes Film Festival.

The Palme d’Or. 

For example:

Martin Scorsese premiered his new film there in 1976.

The film was Taxi Driver.

It was awarded the Palme d’Or.

The Oscars pretty much ignored it.

In 1979, Francis Ford Coppola unleashed his Vietnam opus based on Joseph Conrad’s Novella ”Heart Of Darkness” at Cannes.

The film, Apocalypse Now.

It took home the Palme d’Or along with another film, The Tin Drum.

The Academy… they gave it an award for sound.

And I’ll throw you one more… this one pisses me off the worst.

In 1994 at the Academy Awards, five films were nominated for best picture.

Two of those films were going head to head:

Forrest Gump Vs. Pulp Fiction.

Pulp Fiction was the second film by newcomer and cinematic genius, Quintin Tarantino.

It exploded here in the US everywhere upon release.

It changed the way films were being made and was replicated for years on afterwards.

I’m standing here telling you this 24 years after it’s release, and it still has an impact.

The Academy Award was given to Forest Gump that year. That cute little film.

Here, Tarantino took home the Academy Award for best original screenplay.

But at the Cannes film festival, Pulp Fiction was given The Palme d’Or.


Now…Is anybody talking about Forrest Gump anymore?

Did it change the way movies were being made?


And I’ve only rattled off three films that came from America.

The festival recognizes worldwide cinematic achievement by a jury of assorted figures working in the industry.

I look there for the best in film worldwide. 

The Academy doesn’t award for greatness.

It’s a job you audition for in Hollywood to receive the coveted title:

”Starring Academy Award  winner…”

”Directed by Academy Award winner…”

”Written by Academy Award winner…”

It adds a zero to the paycheck of the winner.


You are representing a company once you receive that award you’re representing the Academy and believe me the rules are strict.

You don’t discuss how uneven the playing field is,  you don’t talk bad about the hand that feed’s, you have to watch what you say in interviews.

You have to censor yourself.

And that’s just to be considered for the award.

You can’t go off to Morocco and shoot a movie like ”The Last Temptation Of Christ”, upsetting people who disagree with the films alternate view of Christ and expect the Academy to ever consider you again.

No no.

No, you are a liability.  You do not represent the best in Hollywood. You represent a troublemaker, one who does not play by the rules. You are a risky investment.

Which is why two years later, when you make a masterpiece about organized crime called ”Goodfellas”, a film that rocks movie-going audiences everywhere, a film made so well it is being compared to the almighty ”The Godfather”, you will not win the Academy Award for best picture.


That will go to bright eyed newcomer Kevin Costner for his beautiful film about the end of the American Indians freedom, ”Dances With Wolves”.

Is it better than Goodfellas?

Come on.

It doesn’t come close and it will never be as relevant to the world of filmmaking as a whole.

It will never be remembered, recognized and revered like Goodfellas will.

But this is payback Mr. Scorsese.


It’s just like the government. I don’t think the government represents the VOICE of the people anymore. 

I think there needs to be a nationwide strike with all who agree and a revolution here in the USSA. 

We the people need to overthrow the government and take the power back. 

Like Rage Against The Machine said:






I digress. 

This is a subject for a whole different article…in possibly a whole different blog. 

But dead serious.


Know your enemy.


Anger is a gift.


What I can say is that Adam McKay seems to love Christian Bale as much as I do and they make great working partners. 

Here’s to Bale taking the statue. 

And that’s me, saying I see an Academy Award, for all they are worth, going to Bale for this and I’ve only seen this 90 second teaser.

I mean, tell me you see Christian Bale here… honestly.

Vice (2018) Teaser

Did you see Christian Bale in that teaser??

Did you?

I didn’t.

Not at all.


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