The Podcast • Chapter 14:
TV V Film
Where Were You When The Game Of Thrones Red Wedding Episode Aired?

What Up Yo.

First, read the accompanying article here:

We begin by paying our respects to Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds. There is a beauty in the way these two souls existed togther in life and how they departed this life togther. God bless them and their family, friends and loved ones.

2016 15″ Retina display with Touchbar MacBook Pro by Apple, what you’re in for. No USB ports, no HDMI, no Micro SD slots…just 4 USB-C ports and a headphone jack.

Next up we discuss the action heroes of 1980’s cinema.
Sylvester Stallone in Cobra & Rocky III • Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop • director John McTiernan directed Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987’s Predator and Bruce Willis in 1988’s Die Hard.

Oldboy then reviews the latest film by the king, Martin Scorsese, the film…Silence.

The War: Film V TV

Oldboy to Wes… if you could direct one or the other what would you do: a Film or a 6 part TV Series (I never answer that to be honest)

Eminem – His song “Kim”, about his ex-wife, is an ultra disturbing and horrifying portrayal of violence towards women…but music is expression.

Meryl Streep – Her speech at the Golden Globes

Game Of Thrones: Where were you when the Red Wedding aired? Could a film invoke the emotional response that episode did?

Banshee why aren’t we watching season five this year?

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  • Wes & Oldboy, February, 2017

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