Gasoline Drenched Freestyle
Donald Trump

Eminem B L A S T S Donald Trump with a Gasoline drenched, high octane freestyle…Just another reason I love Slim.

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The Podcast • Chapter 14:
TV V Film
Where Were You When The Game Of Thrones Red Wedding Episode Aired?

The Podcast • Chapter 14 | War: TV V Film, The Great Films Of The 1980’s And Where Were You When Game Of Thrones “The Red Wedding” Aired?

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Meryl Streep
2017 Golden Globes Speech

Meryl Streep delivered a rousing & heartfelt speech at the Golden Globes Ceremony where she was the 2017 recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment.

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Election 2016
John Lennon Imagine
Don’t Let This Election Divide You From The People You Love

On tomorrow’s election I’ve never seen an election divide people like this in the 42 years I’ve been alive

Don’t take the bait.


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Robert De Niro
Donald Trump

The Raging Bull Rises

Robert De Niro tears Donald Trump apart for the sexist & vulgar audio clip leaked yesterday, warns America on the danger of electing this man.

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The Podcast • Chapter 2:
Robert Zemeckis’s
Back To The Future

Back To The Future The magic & effect it had on our childhoods and how producers of Family Ties hid the script from Michael J. Fox in fear he would leave.

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