Gregory’s Song ​
A Poem For The Late, Great
Greg Allman
By Bree Donovan

​Gregory’s Song
​By: Bree Donovan

All of love is contained in song
​The rise and fall of one, long
​Road rising, wrote about
​Music I cannot live without
​How can you be gone?

​A distant spell, a faraway kingdom
​I recognize a prince when I see one
​Your hair Rapunzel spun gold
​Possessing the azure eyes of an old soul
​The sweet, slow talkin’ man of Macon

​The world grabbed at you
​Pushing and possessive of something new
​Dangerous days of poison in your veins
​How should a humble prince handle the delirium of fame?
​By writing outside the lines we all held to be true.

​Fourteen battles fought no need for fifteen!
​Noble and valent, your royal blood pristine
​There should have been more time for love
​Now that the highway wasn’t so tough
​Nothing is more precious than serenity

I long to hear your bewitching laughter
​The soulful voice rising to the rafters
​Shake the solid, ancient foundation
​Walls of ignorance and predisposition
​You made us believe in happily ever-after.

​The shrillness of silence is all around me
​Each act of prayer whispers my mortality
​I have the headphones on, I’m laid back
​A faded poster on a wall, a full CD rack
​Oh the honeyed music from the low country!

​Goodnight sweet prince of the blues
​Oft times a poet, a rogue, always a gentle man of truth
​I am no longer a dreamy child
​Life has rendered me timid and mild
​But I hold in my heart an image of you;
​A golden sun forever circling the moon


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