Batman V Superman
Dawn Of Justice
Comic-Con Trailer

What Up Yo.

Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Comic-Con Trailer

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

What Up Yo.
So, here it is?

I don’t know man.
Richard Donner…where are you?

This is so fucking dark, and why are they fighting exactly?

And why is this so fucking dark?



I couldn’t give two shits for this thing.

I mean i loved

Man Of Steel


I loved the first 2/3 of it, until it became a big screen live action video game for the last 39 minutes.

But i grew up on Richard Donner’s masterpiece of a film:


The Movie

Superheroes: A Never-ending Battle

And I grew up on

Superman II

Superman ( 1152 x 864

Not realizing it had ben basterdized by Richard Lester at the time.

I even dug Bryan Singer’s

Superman Returns

Superman ( 1000 x 1500

But here, in this trailer I almost feel like my favorite part was Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne…

An thats saying a lot people…



Here it is, the first trailer…

At least Star Wars Episode 7 looks fucking great.

Go nuts.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Teaser Trailer 1

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Key-Art





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