Penny Dreadful Season 3
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What Up Yo.  

The Third Season of Showtimes “Penny Dreadful” is wonderful. This is due to the committed performances by all the actors in this wonderful weekly dose of dark poetry that we have been receiving now for three years.

It has its legs now.


The series is visual elegant & aesthetically beautiful in a way only Sam Mendes could deliver to our eyesballs.

But it’s the actors, the relationships and the dynamic between them all that keeps me plugged in, salivating for each new episode to become available (I only stream nowdays yo.

The conviction each actor exudes into his character . . .


But there are two . . . And it’s a difficult task to pick two of these performances to call out, they are all exquisite enough to compell me to write my first post in months on my beloved Voices

My precious.

But there are two actors that how proud of their work they are, how hard they try week to week. It shows.

But there are two specifically I watch for:

  1. Eva Green
    How the fuck this woman hasn’t won a Globe for her work here yet is beyond me. Show me someone that switches between calm & well spoken to raving mad woman like she does, as well as she does.
    You can’t.
  2. Rory Kinnear as Frankenstein
    Dear God. The humanity and emotion that he is able to convey with his body and his eye’s is remarkable. They cast him perfectly to play the monster. The creature. Frankenstein. He broke my heart every-time he was on screen during the past two seasons (well, except when he jacked the wax museum family last season, fucking insanely awesome) but here he is beginning to recall his life before his death and resurrection. He remembers his wife, his son, happiness. He travels back to London to find them.

We don’t know how he died, but we now know that he was an orderly in an insane asylum prior to dying.

Vanessa was a patient in this asylum, and remembers him during a hypnosis session. She tells him of this memory, and how kind he was…how she loved him for taking care of her.

He was the only person who showed her kindness during her stay. He was her friend,

They are the lonely souls that keep finding each other lifetime after lifetime to wander together and help each other should the need arise.

The development of the Frankenstein character and the relationship between these two characters as portrayed by these two wonderful actors is fast becoming a universally favorite aspect of the series to the fans.

I applaud the series, and I implore you to dive in. What I’ve explained is 1/100 of what this series is…but this is to alert you all who have yet to watch this…it is a beautiful piece of dark (and bloody) visual storytelling that you should absolutely be digesting weekly.

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