Perry Farrell Teaches An Audience Member Some Manners…

Been Caught Stealing – Studio Out-Take

Been Caught Stealing – Studio Out-Take, a song by Jane’s Addiction, Andy Wallace on Spotify

The opening is Perry Farrell at a live show, speaking to the crowd:
He’s fucking genius.

He asks:

“You guys like to steal?”

Audience responds:


Then he jumps to:

“How about stealing another man’s girl? Do you like that?”

Audience is into it,



“You like that, eh?”

He asks them. 



Roars the crowd, a few are beginning to see where he’s going.


“That’s “Fair” to you, eh?”






“How bout, how about a good friend? Would you steal a good friends girl?”




“You would…wouldn’t you?” he asks them.





Then this guy in the audience screams

“Fuck You!”

at Perry.


“Don’t ‘Fuck me’. Don’t blame me because you have no honor in your life.”

The crowd begins to flip.



“Don’t blame me because you have no chivalry in your soul. “




“How insecure are you pal? Do you need to steal your friends women or can’t you get one for yourself?”


Audience cheers him on hard



“I just wanted to ask you that.”

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