Reckless, 1984
Daryl Hannah
Aidan Quinn
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So the thing about Reckless…is that it’s gasoline

Shot in 1983, released in February of 1984, it has a familiar storyline used in countless films over the decades:

Teenage angst. High school love story. Boy, Johnny Rourke, from wrong side of the tracks meets Girl, Tracey Prescott, from the upper echelon of society.

Opposites socially and economically,  their spirits are kindred and romance explodes.   (Gasoline Drenched)

The thing Reckless has over its cinematic counterparts is:

  • The Music. The music scenes…included below…transcend the film. Romeo Void’s “Never Say Never” And Kim Wilde’s – Kids In America set the stage for two integral scenes, both are electric.
  • Daryl Hannah as Prescott,  in her film career prime. Reckless came out on the heels of the releases of both Splash and Blade Runner. Hannah genuinely seems to enjoy playing this part.
  • Aidan Quinn in one of his best roles ever. He owns the character of Johnny Rourke, it’s the chemistry between the two leads that draws us into this story.
  • Director James Foley, who doesn’t treat this film like a common for the time 1980’s high school love story, but instead delivers us a drama with a solid heartbeat. Thump-Thump. Thump-Thump.
  • Finally, it’s written by Christopher Columbus. Columbus is the man who directed the first two Harry Potter films. Home Alone. The man who wrote Gremlins and The Goonies. A man that knows how to write and direct movies you can’t take your eyes off of. He infused his films with that special bit of life that keep the stories in your mind long after you watch them.

It’s those elements that I feel make this an above par movie that shouldn’t be ignored or forgotten. It deserves a chance. It’s alive, raw…and it works.

Seek it out  Watch it.

Here’s two scenes. Both awesomeness.

The second scene is probably why you know the song “Kids In America” by Kim Wilde.


Scene One: Reckless – The Dance:
Tracey and Rourke are paired up and made to attend a school dance togther, against their wishes.

Scene Two: Reckless- Kids In America:
Tracey and Rourke break into the school after hours, Rourke is breaking Traceys walls down…Tracey is opening Rourke’s heart up.

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